Webzen launches SUN Episode 2

Webzen Launches SUN Episode 2

Webzen has launched the largest update yet to their flag ship game, Soul of the Ultimate Nation. SUN: Episode 2 is being tested on live servers in South Korea and the initial reaction is positive. The game has been mostly rebuilt from the ground up in terms of content and playability. A recent interview with team leader Dong II Jung and Producer Man Son Jung shed some light onto the rationale between this overall.


Soul of the Ultimate Nation Episode 2 Preview


Although the graphics and large scale pvp systems wowed users initially (no pun intended), the production team recognized that there were serious problems hindering SUN from the success of other major MMORPGs. The developers decided to turn to the community to find answers for what their game was lacking, and answers they received.


Soul of the Ultimate Nation Episode 2


Episode 2 is bringing much greater accessibility and detailed tutorials to better explain the nuances of the Battle Zone System. They are also expanding on the pvp aspects to provide more interesting experiences for those outside of the guild realm who are unable to experience the large scale pvp battles. Webzen is also introducing many successful features from their other games to breathe new life into SUN; Mu Online’s Wing Upgrade system, a system useful for upgrading and customizing equipment stats and looks, is one such example of bringing tried and true innovations into the SUN universe.

We look forward to seeing these upgrades in action soon.


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