What the fuck? The Division: The Movie?

The Division Expansion 1 Trailer

Films are popular, and films are wonderful! Converting a book to a film is no small task, but it’s in many cases, enjoyable for everyone. We get to watch something truly profound like Fellowship of the Ring, or something filled with whimsy and wonder like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  These are terrific and fun for everyone. Then things got darker. Films became video games. Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game. Ghostbusters [one of the most infamous game translations ever]. E.T. [probably the worst]. In fact, LJN made a living for over a decade making the worst fucking video games based on movies the world has ever seen. But that’s not the issue today. Now we have video games turning into films. Warcraft’s film was pretty great, and I enjoyed watching it. So what’s the next step?

The Division Operation ISAC Trailer

The. Division. Movie. This is a thing that’s really happening. The most disappointing MMO of 2016 is going to get a film? And it’s not even like it’s going to have poor production values or cast. Jake Gyllenhaal is attached to the project in some capacity. I genuinely do not understand why it’s getting a movie. Tom Clancy games are generally worthy of a film, because his books were phenomenally written. The Division? Not so much. The Division sold a pile of games on release, but very quickly plummeted into nonexistence. I personally only know a handful of people who even still play it, and it’s not a big handful. I think Assassin’s Creed’s film will be worth a watch. In general, Ubisoft seems to think that they’re going to make a pile on game movies, and in some ways they’re right. Most of their top IPs are going to become films, which is ultimately a mixed bag to me. Watch Dogs? Watch Dogs is getting a movie? I’d rather see Pong: The Movie.

Can you think of some intensely bad game movies? Sound off here!

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