Winter has returned: Grimm’s Crossing Rejoins Heroes of Newerth

HoN Grimms Crossing Returns

Fans of the popular MOBA, Heroes of Newerth, can let out a collective sigh of relief, as today the team announced that its snow covered, three vs. three map, Grimm’s Crossing, has returned. The fan-favorite map, which was pulled from Heroes of Newerth’s retail client to make improvements, has been completely retextured and features a new mini boss: the hulking, mace wielding, ethereal brute, General Atrox.

“Since Grimm’s removal we’ve been bombarded with requests to bring the map back,” said Sam Braithwaite, Marketing Director for Heroes of Newerth. “The intention was always to reintroduce Grimm’s Crossing after, and only after, it received a “face lift” that met quality standards.”

“In Heroes of Newerth’s lore Grimm’s Crossing represents the passage that separates the Forest of Caldavar from the Iron Mountains,” said Braithwaite. “Whichever army, Legion or Hellbourne that maintains control of that plot holds a succinct tactical advantage over their opposition, as it allows them to move resources through the mountains, as opposed to around them.”

To celebrate the re-release of Grimm’s Crossing, The HoN team is hosting a 64 team cash prize tournament on Nov. 22 and 23. Signups for the single elimination competition are now live, and will remain open until 10:00AM EST on the morning of the event.

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