Wonderland Online: Junior & Superior Alchemy

With the November 13th release of Wonderland Online version 3.0, the highly anticipated alchemy function has been a breakthrough. Players are able to learn Junior Alchemy and Superior Alchemy after completing a series of quests on Polo Island. Here, we’ll go through how to finish these quests.

About alchemy
The compound system plays a key role in creating gear, while alchemy is a related daily skill with such a system. As long as players have learnt alchemy, they can compound a variety of weapons and armor. The higher the level of their alchemy, the higher the success rate of compounding advanced gear. Thus, alchemists can become one of the most profitable jobs in game.

Junior Alchemy Quest:
Quest Location: Voyage Map (X: 6222, Y: 5735)

Junior Alchemy
Activation NPC:Xibei’er
Condition:Needs Chameleon Tongue*2, Dragon Teeth*5, Ant Tentacle*1
Process Description:Find the enchantress in a house on Polo Island (X: 6222, Y: 5735) and give her Chameleon Tongue*2, Dragon Tooth*5, Ant Tentacle*1.
Reward:Junior Alchemy

Superior Alchemy Quest:
When Junior Alchemy has reached level 10, players may learn Superior Alchemy from the same NPC and become a superior alchemist.

Superior Alchemy
Activation NPC:Xibei’er
Condition:Needs to have learnt level 10 Junior Alchemy
Process Description:Magic Powder*3, Clear Devil’s Spar*5, Bluestone*2, Star*5
Reward:Superior Alchemy

Alchemy Tips:
If an alchemy book is used while compounding, the success rate and quality of the product will be improved further.

Along with challenges, compounding also brings great satisfaction. If you are patient enough and intelligent enough, you will be certain to be a successful alchemist one day!

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