Wonderland Online: Speed Leveling Strategies

Do you try very hard to level up in Wonderland Online? Danger and uncertainty rise dramatically as you move above Level 25. This strategy guide details 5 best places to help players of levels between 25 and 40 who feel pressured to catch their fellows up.
1. Chicken Farm
Happiness: *****     Safety: ****    Effect: **
(* represents the level of satisfaction. The more * the higher the satisfaction)
Chicken farm is one safe and pleasant place. Here players can fight with chicken to gain EXP, more importantly, it is a fantastic place to collect many items for food synthesis, such as seeds, rice, barley, drumsticks etc. If you often feel your HP/SP food is far from what you need, remember high valued juice can be obtained by compounding mushroom and rice.
2. South Island-Frogs and Beetles
Happiness: **      Safety: ****     Effect: ****
The amount of EXP rewarded by defeating them is desirable. However, be careful when dealing with both of them, and make sure you have enough HP. If you choose to use a remoter, you’d better sit down to restore HP after battles.
3.  South Island-Squirrels
Happiness: ***     Safety: **       Effect: *****
Before going after the squirrels in South Island, players should equip some decent weapons or gear, because these squirrels are really aggressive. Players may lose up to 100+ HP if they are hit. However, as you can see from the Effect Rank, it is worthy.
4. Shayii Hill
Happiness: ****    Safety: ***       Effect: ****
After leaving the Island, players can embark on an exciting journey. In Shayii Hill, players will encounter cute monsters which aren’t too tough. It’s a great place to spend some time leveling.
5.  Oslya-Pterosaur
Happiness: *****   Safety: *        Effect: *****
The experience of defeating the Pterosaur in Oslya can be absolutely exciting and dangerous. The Pterosaur’s level is higher than 50, and also watch out for other dinosaurs, like the Stegosaurus, They can be fatal if you are not careful enough.
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