Wonderland Online: ValentineÂ’s Apparels Collection

Valentine’s Day is approaching. As it is a romantic festival, our warriors can take the chance to pull off their heavy gear and enjoy time with their lovers. The Wonderland Online team offers many kinds of sweet romantic clothing for our players. Go have a look, and choose a set that you want!

Recommended: [head] Honor Crown [body] King’s Grown [hand] Deity Bracers [shoes] Lotus Boots
Comment: Standard dress of the Royals.

Banquet Style:
Recommended: [head] Leather Cap [body] Night Wear [hand] Cotton Gloves [shoes] White Net Boots
Comment: Better choices for Ladies and Gentlemen

Oriental Charm:
Recommended: [head] Grown [body] Satin Qi Pao [hand] Demon Gloves [shoes] Feather Boots
Comment: Special elegant oriental charm

Wildness Charm:
Recommended: [head] Gold Ears [body] Great Coat [hand]Tiger Fur Bracers [shoes]Silver Loops
Comment: Wild style for wild people!

Want one of the sets of clothes above? In addition to the ones we recommend players can also choose their own sets, so get the Valentines’ dress you want! Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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