World of Kung Fu: Martial Arts Online Game Gets Major Upgrade

World of Kung Fu, The Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from VestGame Entertainment is getting a major upgrade that includes new quests, skills, mounts, and several new systems that dramatically enhance gameplay.

VestGame Entertainment has announced a major upgrade to World of Kung Fu, the popular 3D MMO set in ancient China. The latest upgrade will see the addition of several major new systems, as well as new quests for higher level players, new mounts, and skill enhancements for all weapon classes.

The most significant new system in this upgrade is the Invasion System. Players will now be able to battle foreign enemies in one of two new event based scenarios. The first involves an invasion by hostile forces from outside the Middle Kingdom, and the other involves country-to-country battles that take place within. Both scenarios allow players the chance to gain reputation and other benefits such as game gold and items from the item mall.

Another system making its debut is the Transform System. This allows players to collect “transform cards” which enable them to transform into marvelous creatures and exciting special characters, such as the Monkey King. Players who undergo transformation get special new attacks and abilities while in the transformed state.

New mounts available to players include the Zhu Que (Giant Phoenix) and the ferocious fire lion known as Nian. Additional quests have been developed for levels 40-80 to enhance the enjoyment of more experienced players. Also, the weapons skills of all weapon classes have been improved and balanced. Nunchakus have been added to provide players with a quick attribute bonus.

A great many other, less visible gameplay elements have been tweaked and enhanced such as the item drop rate for slain monsters and changes to the tutor/apprentice system. The impetus for these changes was, as always, the World of Kung Fu team’s desire to provide the best possible gameplay experience for the large and growing worldwide community of World of Kung Fu players.

World of Kung Fu is an MMORPG based in a 3D virtual world for the PC. Rooted in traditional Chinese culture, the game takes place in a mythical land founded on the ancient Kung Fu moral values of justice and heroism.

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