World of Kung Fu: The Forbidden Kingdom arrives

VestGame Entertainment is excited to announce the addition of new Kung Fu suites to the Item Mall in its free game “World of Kung Fu”. This series of suites is inspired from the movie “Forbidden Kingdom” acted by Jet Lee and Jackie Chan.

These new Kung Fu Suits separately enable players to “cosplay” characters in the legend of Forbidden Kingdom. They are Lu Yan, Mo Seng, Golden Sparrow, and Jason, who represent justice and peace; White Witch and Jade Emperor, who obviously represent dark power. Players can pick out their favorite ones related to different characters and dress them. These fashion suites will not only make players look totally different, but also significantly enhance their attributes, which is much better than any other fashion clothes sold in Item Mall before. They will be of great help in battle. Amount of these special fashion dresses are all limited. Only a few players will be lucky enough to grab a permanent one. Besides, players can choose which side they want to join, the evil side or the holy side. And they can also choose what sensation they want to own, vengeance or justice.

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