WoW: Legion: A flawless day one?

Let’s get this out straightaway: I love World of Warcraft. I do. But that doesn’t mean I’ll overlook poor content because I enjoy the game. I don’t kiss anyone’s ass. It is my duty to you to be one hundred percent honest, except when producing satirical/humorous content. With that in mind. . .

2016-08-30 03_47_02-World of Warcraft

Yeah! Legion has had a terrific launch! I almost didn’t believe it would happen! No server crashes, no intense lag, no people bitching or whining. I went to most of my friends or listened to what they had to say on social media, and you know what? I didn’t see one complaint! I’ve only played on my Death Knight so far, but I’m going to try and stream a different character and a different zone here this afternoon for you guys! For as long as I can stand it! One of my guildmates said that Thrall has abandonment issues, and implores you to do stuff to get your Artifact weapon [for the Shaman class] but my Death Knight? No, the Lich King does not make requests. He may have replaced Arthas for the betterment of the world of Azeroth, but he does not make requests. Only demands.

Idiot Druid

And so I went to claim Apocalypse, my blade [Unholy Spec]. I traveled some, murdered some stuff, and had some interesting story play out before me. I wound up with Acherus being relevant again. Acherus: Death’s Hold is relevant now! Oh that made me so happy. And Siouxsie the Banshee is relevant! This made me so happy. You pick your starting zone through your Class HQ, and though I hate seeing all those other Death Knights there, it makes sense. Sure, there are other people who have had issues. . . but that’s what they get for murdering NPCs that belong to their main faction. You can’t kill the Cenarion Circle as a Druid and expect them to just shrug and look the other way. Other than that minor detail? The exp growth has been good out of the gate, items solid, the new music and voice acting has been great. When I come back from Pax, expect me to bang out a ton of content and give you a detailed rundown of Legion!

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