WTF: GirlsXBattle


Part of my daily retinue is browsing Twitter and Facebook, looking for interesting things I might want to write about. Sometimes I get fantastic inspiration, or I wind up writing about something retro that is interesting, or worth thinking about. Other days I come up with a great interview, or a list. Then there are the days when I write about my battles with depression and how gaming has helped/hindered me. Today however, is a day where I write about some weird, creepy shit I found on Twitter. Game ads are not a new thing on mobile Twitter, where they want you to install and play their “groundbreaking” game. Today I saw. . . GirlsxBattle. The tag line?  “Grow your battle girls to mature sexy warriors!”  That’s the tag line to get you playing. From level 1’s “Super Chibi Lolicon”, Level 5 “Not quite legal, but getting there”, to level 10 “Barely legal anime girl” and I have to say, I’m repulsed by this. It’s not the first game I’ve seen that’s absolutely fucking disgusting, but it’s right up there and I haven’t even played it! I know pretty much everything I need to know from the tag line. What makes me more upset is that it almost has a five star rating. Maybe it’s actually a good game! I won’t know for a bit yet, because I haven’t exhausted my list of stuff to play/talk about. But I must say, this does not endear me to their title. It brings a variety of really unpleasant thoughts, and while it might be an innocent “evolve your magical/warrior girl!”, it could really use a better advertisement. This is by far not the weirdest or most perverted mobile game [or game in general] but it stands out with its ludicrous advertising method. I raise a lot of things: Pokemon, pets, children. I don’t raise Sexy Girls to do battle. That’s weird. You probably would go to prison doing that! But…after seeing more of the game, yeah. It’s probably not too innocent. I’ll leave you with this:

GirlsXBattle Editorial

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