Zero Online: Brotherhood System

Sworn brothers are always your most powerful backing in jeopardy. In Zero Online, you have chance to create a Band of Brothers of your own!

Brothers can not only share each other’s potency, but also the enemy lists. PK brothers’ enemies will not increase PK points. When brothers are in jeopardy, you can even be teleported to rescue them instantly.

Loyalty Level
Loyalty level shows your relation with brothers. In Brotherhood system, the proportion of the shared potency, rescue duration and rescue time are all determined by the Loyalty level.

How to Upgrade
There are four ways to upgrade the Loyalty level:
a. Team up to eliminate Othello invaders or complete Spacecraft Missions together;
b. Be your brothers’ mentor or apprentice;
c. Chat with your brothers;
d. Pay Zero Points. Every 29 ZPs can increase Intimacy by 6000 points.

Keep in mind that killing your brothers will decrease the Intimacy points.

Take brothers of Loyalty level 8 for instance, player of lower potency can share 70% of the potency that brother’s surpasses.

a. Player of potency is 1 can share +299 potency at most;
b. Player whose potency is higher than 1361 can only share +27 potency at most.
Bonus potency from brothers, mentors and squad system cannot be cumulated. Only the highest one will be calculated into potency system. But bonus potency from the unit database of the fleet system will not be affected.

How to Swear
After the Intimacy between your friend and you reaches level 2 (Intimacy points > 18000), you can swear brotherhood with your friend and fight shoulder to shoulder! In addition, you can only have 2 sworn brothers or sisters at most. If you break up the brotherhood, you will not be able to join any brotherhood organizations within 3 days.

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