Zero Online December Update

Zero Online December Update


The last month of 2010 is almost here, and the Zero Online team has prepared a series of exciting weekend events, Christmas events, and even some brand new game functions for all their players to enjoy during this month!


To get a leg up in the arms race, the Alliance Academy has carried out many different projects, such as the Fleet Warships, Space War, Fleet Missions, Fleet PKT, and so on. To make the arming and fighting skills of the troops more effective, another project, codenamed ‘Warship Missions’ will soon be launched! It’s quite similar to the Spacecraft Missions, and soldiers are required to sign up with the Wennie the Liaison Officer, on the Steel Warship. Different warship missions will award you with different prizes, and obviously to have access to a warship is an important requirement for joining the missions! At the same time, three new Warship Missions will be unveiled: Black Sun, Decapitation, and Vega Mine Zone!


At the beginning of December, we release a popular mission in the first weekend, named ‘Universal Sheepherder’. Let’s see what needs to be done in this mission!


There’s a mecha-sheep called Dolly, and she’s recently been created by Alliance engineers. You need to protect him as you transport her from the research facility, and get him safely to the destination. As a reward, we’ve prepared a bundle of Amethysts, Sapphires and Rose Quartz! Meanwhile, you can join the routine weekend patrol events, as well!


For the second weekend event, the Alliance Carnival is making its way back to the Steel Warship! An appointed liaison officer from the Alliance Academy will arrive on the Steel Warship, and she will be giving away abundant munitions for the brave pilots! We heard that her landing point should be near booth 90, so don’t miss this good chance to talk with her!
Meanwhile, you can join routine weekend patrol events, as well!


The most stirring moment is, without a doubt, the combination of both New Year’s and Christmas being together! Here, we are going to have 5 amazing online events, available from December 22nd to January 1st!


Double Exp events are never too little for the brave pilots, who are out fighting the biggest evils in the cosmos!
To celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, the second event is the Xmas Salute. For this event, soldiers will need to finish some preparations for the celebration, and hand in shells to be used in the gorgeous festival fireworks show!


Zero has lots of cool events planned for December


During this Christmas, Othello space forces are preparing for their parties as well, by stealing rare resources and then making them into special supplies, the Sigma Boxes. We need to stop their production and remove them from our land. The defeated Othello will leave behind any Sigma Boxes they haven’t used, which should contain many useful supplies, such as Ultra gear, Dark Stars, Blue Stars, Red Stars and socketed gear! Captain Hugh Grant on the Warship will tell you how to open the boxes.


There are two other missions that will be held for a limited time. Why’s that? Because they give away very rare and limited prizes! They are the “Extreme Simulation” and “Piglet, the Patrolman”! Both of which will only be available on Dec 25th, 26th and Jan 1st, so don’t miss them! The rewards from the Extreme Simulation are never be sold, such as the Hi-tech Repairs, Dynamic Restorer, Extreme OD Battery, Winner’s Honor (may contain Ultra items), Alliance Materials, and much, much more! With these great rewards available, only one special skill is required, the transformations! So, be sure to practice them before you depart for this mission!


The last mission is “Piglet, the Patrolman”, many soldiers should be very familiar with this event! This time, 5 piggies will patrol in Blaze Ocean, Earth Scar, Mars Wasteland, Moon Fortress, and the Titan Icefield. During their patrols, these careless mascots can drop Zero Points (bound) as they wander around! What you need to do is just follow them and pick up the ZP boxes they drop! The stronger and faster your unit is, the more you will be able to pick up!

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