Zero Online: Extreme Simulation

March 7-8, 2009

You can swap scored points for these prizes:
Hi-tech Repair, Dynamic Restore, Extreme OD Battery, EXP Hive, Extreme EXP Hive, Alliance Material, Winner’s Honor, Traveler Pack
Level 130 + Transformation skills
Steel Warship and TK Hi-tech Base


Lunare (Steel Warship 509,819)
Introduces the event, sends you to the TK Hi-tech Base, sells Joy Points, and offers the reward.
Paso ( TK Hi-tech Base 230,333)
Explains the objectives and sends you back to the Steel Warship.


1. Find Lunare to enter the TK Hi-tech Base.
2. Protect the Energy Tower. If it is not destroyed after 30 minutes, you win the battle and earn some score points.
3. Swap your scored points for your desired prizes with Lunare.


Energy is the most important resource in the universe. That’s why the Othellonians make every effort to occupy every planet in the galaxy that they can get their hands on. Since training against these threats is so important, he Alliance requires all pilots with transformable units to take part in this Extreme Simulation. Your mission is to protect the Energy Tower from being destroyed by the enemy tanks.

1. After you learn the rules and purchase Joy Points from Lunare, you are ready to enter the TK Hi-tech Base to take part in the Extreme Simulation training exercise.

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