Zero Online January Events

Zero Online January Events


How time flies! 2011 is drawing near, and TQ have prepared a string of fun events to celebrate the coming of the new year in Zero Online! Let’s see what’s coming up for them in the next month!


Double EXP for Orion Server (Jan. 1st – 7th)
With the closing of the BT edition of Zero Online happening soon, TQ saw it necessary to make sure the BT Zero Online players can continue having fun with Zero Online. With this in mind, TQ will provide a way for you to transfer your account to the Orion Server. (You should pay attention to the official BT website for the detailed transfer steps.) TQ will hold a 1 week Double Exp event, in order to help you get better acclimated to your new post!


Shopping Mall New Year Sales Event (Jan. 8th – 9th)
Many items in the ZP Mall will be sold at a 20% discount, and there will be new ZP(Bound) packs sold, available in packs of 100/500/1000. You can even buy them with the ZPs you bought at the 20% discounted price! This event will only be around for 2 days, so take this great chance to pick up those items you really need! It’s now or never!


R Energon (Jan. 14th – 21st)
You will have the chance to collect the R Energons from any Othello above Level 60.You can claim the reward when you hand in the 5th, 25th, 50th, 100th and 200th R Energon. After you have submitted 200, you will receive a gift for each 10 R Energons handed in. This event will be held for a week, so don’t hesitate to join in and win yourself some EXP, Gold, EXP Modules, Double EXP Potions, Meteors, Red Stars, +4 Chomsky Atoms, Roses, and much more! Good luck!


Double Crystal and Cores Weekend! (Jan. 22nd – 23rd)
There is a Double Crystal/Cores Event going on this weekend! Don’t forget to login the game, where you will get +150% Crystal drops and +20% Core drops from hunting the enemies of the Alliance! Don’t miss out on your chance to grab the cores and crystals you’ll need to upgrade your power!


Weekend Event – Snowmen Meltdown (Jan. 29th – 30th)
Do you want to have a snowball fight just like when you were a kid? Then sign up with Major Gen. Dan and join in the fight against the Yetis! Also, you can go directly to the Titan Icefield and search for the Yetis to have your own snowball fight! Don’t forget to take part in this campaign to win some free ZPs (Bound).


Have fun ZO players and Happy Newyear!


Zero Online January Events

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