Zu Online: New Version Released

The Zu Online Team is very pleased to announce that the new version 1.9.02 has been released on Feb 23rd. Players can now run the client to update the game automatically and may only enter the game after it has been updated.

There are some new item have been added:

  • New Items
  • Gem of Swiftness (Attaches Swiftness stats to fashion)
  • Enlightenment Vertebra, Sickle Vertebra, Fuxi Vertebra (Increases equipment’s Potential)
  • Bolus of Revival, Big Bolus of Revival
  • Riches Pet Chest, Ace Pet Chest
  • Bolus of Vigor (Increases Vigor by 1000)
  • 12-hour Worshipping Stone
  • 24-hour Worshipping Stone

Additionally, some functions have been improved and the bugs found in the former version have been modified.

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