Zu Online: Recent Development Trend Revealed

At present, Zu Online focuses most attention on developing later versions, improving the current version, holding in-game events and maintaining the game server. Since its debut, Zu Online has received great support and loyalty from players. Now we are pleased to reveal the recent development trend of Zu Online in order to give something back to our players.

First of all, I would like to talk about the development of later versions. We are going to raise the level cap by up to 265 and also add related contents such as new zones, new monsters, new quests, etc. They are all in development now. In the later versions, the Wind Calamity quests are the first to be released. You may have noticed that the Honored Immortal title had been added to the titles list.

Are you eager to challenge the Wind Calamity? All right, but please be a bit more patient. Here is some good news. We have completed readjusting the style and overall arrangement of the Wind Calamity related zone?Sharpwind Castle. We have completed the quests design of the first two scenarios and also reversed the mounting settings in Sharpwind Castle so that players are unable to mount in the castle. We’ve also strengthened the monsters there.

In addition, we would like to talk about the improvements made to the current version. Class balance is one of the most important issues that we are concerned about. First, we will change the effect duration and cooldown of the Sun Warrior’s Heavenshot and Heaven Hegemony spells. Also, we will raise the Moonmaiden’s attack power but how to raise that is still being tested. Currently, we are trying by raising the damage of some spells. Swordsmen will be strengthened too. At present, we have 2 choices to strengthen Swordsmen. One of them is to raise the Swordsmen’s defense and maximum health. The other one is to raise the Swordsmen’s attack range and attack speed. They are being tested too. As for Summoners and Bead Fairies, we’ve not yet made plans.

Also, considering it’s not easy to gather precious materials for making equipment, we will raise the chance of getting the Mystic Stones back when disenchanting equipment. We may adjust the chance to 30% from the former 20%. But, it is being tested too.
In addition, in order to help beginners get started easier, we will add signposts to the two beginners zones?Blue Mountain and Ghost Canyon, and also add some more detailed descriptions of the daily online reward system and the spirit training system.

Above is merely a brief introduction to the recent development trends in Zu Online. Are you looking forward to them? Anyway, we will keep working hard to improve Zu Online. Again, thanks for your continued support!

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