Zu Online: Six Long-cherished Pets

Different kinds of pets in Zu Online all look different and possess different attributes. It must be difficult to make a choice between pets sometimes. However, certain pets are essential for adventuring in Zu. Why are they so essential? Because after you have one of them, you will find you become even stronger and your life won’t be so boring anymore. Now these six pets will be introduced in detail:

Pet 1: Taiji Beast
These are pets that players will see often in game. This is because they look super cute. They can improve their masters’ attack power a great deal, so they are good for assisting in leveling and completing quests.

Pet 2: Snowy Sophist
If you think they are incapable because they are slim and small, you are absolutely wrong. Actually, they possess very good attributes. Slim and graceful, they are the perfect match for female characters.

Pet 3: Fiery Howler
With fire-red hair, an enraged face, thick muscles and a presence that frightens almost everyone who has ever seen them, they can be even more helpful to their masters than strong armor.

Pet 4: Flying Pig
They are the swiftest pets in the game. Their good attributes as well as their Garrote bonus always helps their masters to overcome any enemy.

Pet 5: Fiery Dancer
They are not easy to train. But their super cool fiery look and extraordinary attributes always surprise everyone that has the patience to master them.

Pet 6: Jade Tortoise
Which is the most beautiful pet in Zu Online? Most players agree it must be the Jade Tortoise. Their beautiful shape and fiercesome gaze have impressed a lot of people deeply. Rumor even says that a player who has a Jade Tortoise will always be lucky.
How many of the pets mentioned above do you have? We hope you were deeply impressed by them no matter what type of pet you prefer!

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