Astro Boy: Brick Breaker Has Released

Astro Boy: Brick Breaker

Funple Stream has announced that a new game, “ASTRO BOY: Brick Breaker” has launched on iOS and Android today (April 5th, 2018). Astro Boy: Brick Breaker is in the mobile arcade genre, developed with the official licensing of Tezuka Production in Japan, then launched on a global scale through Google Play and Apple App Store (except China). Players will challenge 400 stages and each will have a variety of bricks, and removing them all or other objectives (defeating a monster while power light is off, et cetera). This can also be played without an internet connection once the initial download has completed to remove the strenuous use of data (and the download is less than 20MB).

A player can also enjoy a story of Astro Boy to rescues the earth against the conspiracy of Dr. Brick
who threats the earth to make it a block. ‘Astro Boy’ is a popular SF comic which was released in the monthly comic magazine ‘Shounen’ and it was born in TV animation and loved to be broadcasted in
the 40 countries as well as Japan.

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