Battle Of The Immortals Preview

Battle Of The Immortals Preview
By: Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist

Battle of the Immortals is a medieval fantasy themed MMO set in the world of Motenia three hundred years after Ragnarok (or the end of the world). Ruled by the tyrant Dragon Emperor, the elves banded together to overthrow this tyrant by sealing him and his army with the aid of ancient magic. In preparation for the evil emperor’s return, warriors from all over the world seek the great power source to ready themselves for what is yet to come. The story is quite catchy though rather generic in a way. We have the old gods, the draconian tyrant, and the presence of a greater power. Created by the makers of Perfect World, Battle of the Immortals comes with a lot of similar yet updated features. You may see a lot of familiar aspects in the game mechanics but what truly matters is how well it stands out in today’s gaming meta.


Battle of the Immortals
Battle of the Immortals


Overview Of The Character Classes

There are five different classes in the game; each built with their own unique play style that complements their respective roles in battle.


The classes are as follows:


Berserker- Berserkers are the hard hitters of the game. They are similar to the traditional Barbarian class only with less armor and solo capabilities. They can be susceptible to magic and attacks due to their light armor, but they always even the odds with their massive damage output.


Champions- As the actual tank class in the game, Champions are blessed with powerful armor and high defense rate. They are capable of taunting mobs and performing various AOEs that help lure monsters away from other players. Champions are very useful in PVP, especially since it takes a number of players to knock one down.


Battle of the Immortals classes
Pick a class


Heretics- Heretics are the silent helpers behind the curtain, commonly known as the healer. Just as the role name implies, it is the Heretics job to ensure his or her party’s survival. Although they are commonly healers, Heretics are also capable of casting harmful spells that often drain their target’s HP. They can also “silence” enemies, blocking their skill usage for a short amount of time.


Magus- Unlike some classes, the Magus is given a fairly low amount of HP and weak sets of armor; however, they make up for it by casting powerful spells that target multiple enemies, dealing damage their opponents cannot ignore.


Slayers- Slayers are the typical rogues of the game. They have mid-ranged HP and mostly rely on Dex and evasive action to avoid losing life points. They are extremely fast and damage their targets like a bunch of rabid wolves chewing one limb after the other. They are also capable of messing with their opponent’s mobility, a great class for DPS lovers everywhere.


From One Place To Another

One particular feature that makes this game good is the diverse world. The game is blessed with tons of areas that differ from each other. You won’t have to get used to the same desert zone, as you will be ported to other areas as you progress in the game. Quite refreshing!


Pets R’ Us

What makes this game extremely interesting is its enjoyable pet system. Pets are easily acquired in the game and all five classes are free to have one.  Pets can be gathered by simply killing monsters and bosses. There’s a huge chance that monsters drop their “pet version” upon their defeat, so watch out and get as many as you can. Much like player classes, pets also have their own stats for you to level, and can learn various skills as they level up. These monsters can aid you well in your journey so be sure to farm for one (or two… or tons).


Pets r Us Battle of the Immortals
Pets R’ Us


Instances And Dungeons

One staple feature among MMOs today is the instance system, which takes players on a non-persistent dungeon for them to finish. Players will need a party of six to survive instances and must rely on their teammates to ensure the raid’s success. There are tons of instances in the game, with gigantic epic bosses and diverse settings guaranteed to keep players on the edge of their seats. One thing you just have to love about the game is the fact that it features not only instanced dungeons but also persistent ones. This however does not separate the areas in terms of difficulty as both types contain elite monsters that are hard to knock down. 


PVP Karma

The game sports the same PVP system as Lineage 2, which grants the attacker infamy upon attacking other players who are not participating in a duel or who are not in a PVP zone. Once a player with too much infamy (red name) dies, he/she will be sent to the PVP prison until his/her infamy goes back to normal. It’s a hefty price to pay for Open World PVP lovers but works wonders for MMO care bears (Non-PVPers). If you want some hardcore action… go to the arena.


PVP Karma Battle of the Immortals
PVP Karma in Battle of the Immortals



As far as graphics go, Battle Of The Immortals’ visuals are quite astounding. There are various areas to be explored, each with their own stunning view, allowing players to enjoy exploring. The game sports the isometric bird’s eye view, which can be adjusted accordingly to support the player’s desired zoom point. The graphics are impressive but lack a bit of texture. Not the best graphic around, but surely something that can keep you entertained with its flashy elements.


Worth It?

I think the game has its own kind of charm. The classes look good and the armor sets are definitely flashy. Playing the different classes is quite enjoyable but needs more diversity in terms of builds. The dungeons are enthralling and provide countless hours of tanking and spanking; a good feature for dungeon/instance lovers everywhere. The graphics may need some improvements in terms of the in game fonts and text styles. Running it on certain resolutions can mess up texts making them unreadable. Other than that, I think it’s a pretty good game. Fun and easy to play– that’s about everything. 

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