Black and White

Have you ever wanted to take the role of god and decide what will happen when (well i know i have)…well here’s your chance.In Black and White you take the role of god with 2 consciences…good and evil.Thruout the game they give you tips,hints,and help.You also get a creature to help you raise your land and get others to believe in you…or destroy your land and well you still get others to believe in you its just you can be good or evil.Each person in your tribe you can set to do something (farm,build,breed,etc).As your land grows, so does your pet.But you must watch for what you feed him (yes you can feed him anything including his own feces).While your attacking another land with either miracles or your pet…you maybe get pulled into a battle with that lands creature.Graphics i give 3 cause they are pretty crappy.Gameplay i give 6 cause there is a lot to do…just maybe sometimes too much to do.Overall i give this game a 6.

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