Bright Shadow Interview: The Story Finally Begins

Bright Shadow Interview: The Story Finally Begins
Questions by: Vincent Haoson, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by: David Yuh


GamepotUSA has just released the latest installation for their MMORPG Bright Shadow last feb 9. We were were given a chance to ask the people at GamepotUSA on some tidbits about the Bright Shadow’s episode 1. Here’s what they have to say.


OnRPG: How excited are the people there in Gamepot with Bright Shadow finally releasing episode I Feb. 9?
Everyone here in the office is excited for the Episode I update. Especially as we leveled up to 40 to prepare for the 2nd class advancement in Episode I.


OnRPG: Why did you start Episode I with the 2nd chapter of the Bright Shadow Lore? When normally in the usual story telling the first chapter is the first episode?
It’s because the 1st chapter of the Bright Shadow Lore acts more as a prologue. Episode I is where the real story begins. While the 1st chapter briefly explains Luciena and the Four Societies, Episode I gets deeper into the lore.


OnRPG: What serves as your basis and inspiration for the lore of Bright Shadow?
At its core, Bright Shadow is about harnessing your soul’s power without falling victim to it. We know that theme is prevalent, so we added some light, humor-infused horror to keep things interesting.


OnRPG: How does the new job class that will be open for players in Episode I tie-in to the whole story of Bright Shadow? Is there a possibility that heroes will finally emerge in the Bright Shadow continuity? The four societies continue to train themselves for future attacks from the Umbra. Now that the new continent filled with Umbra has been discovered, the four societies have gathered again to bring peace to Luciena. The four societies are using this chance to test to see if all of their training has paid off. That is how the six new classes were born from the four societies.


OnRPG: Can you describe to us the possible paths players may take with the new job classes?
There are many different paths that the users can take with the 2nd job classes. For example, a Warrior can become a Knight to fight for justice or become a Demon Slayer that will fight for evil.


OnRPG: What do you think is the most sought after new job class in the Bright Shadow Episode I roster? Why do you think so?
I would probably say it’s the Demon Slayer class. Demon Slayer uses two types of new weapons: Rapiers and Dual Swords. The Demon Slayers are also known for being massive damage dealers. The Demon Slayer is easily the most sought class with its dual swords and damage dealing skills.


OnRPG: One of the biggest problems with incorporating new job classes into a game is the balance issue especially in terms of PvP, do you think this will come up alongside the second classes?
Fortunately, Bright Shadow does not have a PvP currently. Therefore, game balance will not be an issue. However, the six new classes have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Archers have farther range, but are a bit weaker. However, the Gunslingers can deal a great amount of damage at a shorter distance.


OnRPG: Whenever new job classes are released parties are sure to love having the new classes along with them in dungeons. In Episode I’s new job class roster what aspects of the new job classes will add bonuses in the dungeons, can you describe them? Is any of the classes expected to be “party’s choice”?
The healers are usually the most wanted classes in a party. In Episode I, Shamans will be able to change into Mystics. The Mystics can provide helpful buffs, heal, and resurrect. The Mystics can also brighten up darkened areas by using the spell, “Sunlight.”


OnRPG: How are the new areas present in episode I tied to the game’s story?
When the four societies thought they have taken control of the Umbra, a new continent called, “Abraxia” was discovered. In this new continent were never explored dungeons that were crawling with new Umbra. Now the four societies are venturing off to Abraxia for another new adventure.


OnRPG: What dungeon do you expect players will be frequenting for Soloing and party runs when Episode I comes out? Why do you think so?
The two dungeons most players will be visiting are the “Inferno Castle” and the “Ice Cave.” There will be lots of new quests in these two dungeons. The highest level monsters in Episode I will be dwelling in these two dungeons.


OnRPG: How difficult will the new dungeons be?
The new dungeons can be fairly easy and extremely difficult. The dungeons are split into different floors and the difficulties increase as you travel deeper into the dungeon. If you go alone, the dungeons may be difficult, but if you go with other party members, then the dungeon may be manageable. For those who are seeking challenge, there are very difficult monsters in the deeper levels of the Inferno Castle. The monsters in here may even be difficult with a party of four level 70 characters!


OnRPG: Are there going to be changes in the old maps when episode I is released? Is there any possibility that the old maps will change in the succeeding episodes?
The old maps will remain same. However, there will be some new content in the old regions as well. Previous maps such as Deep Lab contained quests and monsters that required characters over level 40. The Episode I update increases the level cap from 40 to 70 allowing many inaccessible quests to now be available in the older maps.


OnRPG: How often will episodes come out for Bright Shadow? Can you give us an estimate of how many will you be planning to release this 2010?
We can’t specify an exact date, but we have several episodes coming out in the future. There will be many more updates besides the Episode updates. These updates will also include new content.


OnRPG: What new features are coming out with Episode I? Can you give us your reasons for releasing them?
The main feature will be the level cap increase. Many high level users have been telling us that they’re dying for a level increase. We listened. Therefore, we are increasing the level cap from 40 to 70 and releasing tons of new quests and monsters to go with it. On top of that, we’re adding six new classes with a set of brand new skills. To top it off, these new skills can now be combined up to four classes. Four users can cast combination skills by casting four different spells in certain orders.


OnRPG: What more can players expect during the release of Bright Shadow’s Episode I?
The players will now be able to venture to an all-new continent and experience a whole new world filled with Umbra. Hundreds of quests are available in the new continent to keep the players busy. Episode I is just another beginning. New content and new updates will be available frequently to keep the users fighting for Luciena.

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