Caesary Online Impressions – MORE “MY LORDS”

Caesary Online Impressions – MORE “MY LORDS”

By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist

Caesary Online is a browser based MMO strategy game set in a Roman-themed fantasy world. Here, players must expand their small towns, eventually creating an empire with an army fit for world domination. Once again, the innovative world of browser gaming came up with another well endowed female delicacy who will call you “My Lord” as you exercise your Lordship. Much like other browser based strategy games, players will go through a series of building and waiting. This mundane experience however will be much toleraterd since this browser game is well animated. This means that you’ll see your workers constantly walking around your town, building and upgrading structures.


Fun And Easy To Learn

To be honest, Caesary isn’t that different from games like Evony and World of Lordcraft. The tutorials are also quite newbie-friendly, meaning those who are new to the world of browser based strategy games are most likely to learn effectively. The game also rewards players for finishing the beginner quests, so it would probably be wise for you to finish these tasks regardless of whether you’re new to the game or not. Aside from the traditional campaign questing, Caesary also has a series of daily quests which allows players to gain some extra gold while doing their mundane tasks.


Caesary Impressions

Combat is also another thing that I found enjoyable in Caesary, as it not only lets you wreak havoc on other players’ towns; you can also aid other towns not only in decimating other empires but protecting their own as well. It would will be wise to learn everything before the seven-day grace period ends, as you will be vulnerable to enemy attacks once it does.


Do You Like The Interface My Lord?

Absolutely! Aside from having an accessible ingame menu, the visuals in this game are heavily animated. I believe that eye candy serves as a high factor for modern browser games, as static pages are starting to get old. It wouldn’t hurt to see windows zoom in and out whenever you click on them, as almost every browser game out there tend to look to have buildings that randomly appear after a series of building pictures. It’s been a long time since Command & Conquer: Red Alert was released, and with all the new browser games lurking around, it feels kind of refreshing to see at least one that actually has a building animation, instead of a large progress bar. At least everything is moving here. I also like the way the interface updates itself regularly without having the player click refresh just to see how much money he or she has earned from that long downtime.


Caesary Impressions

Subscription Whoring

Much like its browserbased kin, Caesary also has a premium subscription. While players can still enjoy playing the game for free, the premium option erases most of the waiting part in the game, which means that your neighboring town may kick your Caesarian arse to Jupiter’s kingdom after your grace period ends. This makes the game extremely imbalanced, as premium subscribers can not only build faster than most people, they earn more through gold transactions as well. With that said, it’s still a game worth playing, just make sure someone has your back when those power hungry subscribers decide to pay your little town a visit.


Caesary Impressions


-Really easy to learn
-Excellent tutorials
-Good animations
-Leagues and PVP


-Not much different the rest (right my lord?)
-gets old after a few days
-Premium imbalance

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