Chronicling the War of Legends

Chronicling the War of Legends

by Mitch Baylosis-Benesa (Syllica), OnRPG Journalist



In past couple of years, we have seen a proliferation of browser-based games especially in the strategy genre. For someone like me, this screams a challenge: how productive can you be in an hour? You focus on work, you chat, you think of your growling stomach, you try to beat that looming deadline, and you have duties in between at your palace. Uh-huh, I did say palace. War of Legends is one of the real time strategy browser-based games that is a welcome break for anyone who is bored or needing a somewhat, uh, productive distraction from life’s mundane activities. If you are a masochist for stressing over virtual politics and internal affairs on top of your real life work, then a tactical game like War of Legends should work well for you.



A King’s World


War of Legends kicks off with you choosing your preferred leader’s gender and then his or her class: the Warrior whose strength is invaluable, the Seer who specializes in defenses, and the Monk who can utilize the game’s artifacts. War of Legends has the same formula as any other browser strategy game: you establish a village, produce resources like food and copper, train troops, invade areas, and strengthen your area of responsibility. In this game, you aim to be the top “legend” of the game, “legend” being the name for a war lord. You establish a palace for your governance; you create buildings for warfare, and establish universities.



Never Neglect Your Education

Your tasks vary from basic kingdom building to expanding your territories. Aside from the usual military expeditions and exploration, you are also expected to respond to your citizens’ needs. You need to consistently check their loyalty and make appropriate decisions on how to pacify them should there be a decline that may lead them to abandon you. Your university is another thing that you shouldn’t overlook. Yeah, you’re probably hearing an echo of your parents’ voices telling you not to neglect your studies. You can’t escape it: this game will make you learn a lot of useful and beneficial skills for your kingdom like increasing your troop recruitment rate or cultivating of food.




War of Legends lets you perform two actions at once, so you can upgrade your garrison while some of your laborers build your market. The game also lets you explore different areas like Monoliths and Paradise as well as find treasures.



War of Legends’ player battles are turn-based and tastefully done. The environment looks appropriate for the Oriental setting and the key elements to the game are easy to understand especially with the helpful newbie tutorial. You can coast through this free-to-play game without having to pay for anything, but if you find yourself immersed in its game play (like I did since I’m also impatient), their premium packages will definitely be tempting.




–        Interesting player battle


–        Tasteful and stylish artwork. You won’t be led to this game just because some boobies are about to show



–        Same old thing has been done before


–        Can be slow moving

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