Conquer Online

Conquer Online (CO) is a MMORPG that is free to play. It is published by TQ digital and is lots of fun to play.

CO is set in a era similar to ancient China, where you have many mighty warriors and monsters are commonplace. There are magic elements, based off of the Taoist religion, and much of Chinese mythology is incorporated into the world. There isn’t much history to the world, and it is not very condusive to Roleplay. 7/10

CO uses 2d backgrouns with 3d characters and an angled top-down view. The backgrounds are very beautiful and crisp, and the character models are pretty good. There could be better, but they are pretty good for a free game. Think Sims 1. Special effects for abilities, etc. are pretty good too, although when there gets to be many effects on screen, things get laggy and you could be disconnected. Great graphics for a free game. 8.5/10

The gameplay in CO is pretty straightforward. Level your character up and try to get better equipment. Occasionally you can participate in quests, and although most of the standard ones aren’t worth it, the holiday quests can be inteesting. Also CO is PK-free. No that doesn’t mean free of PvP, it means that there is almost no punishment for PKing and you can enter PvP at ANY time. At low levels, you may find that people just kill you for fun. Leveling get really slow at high levels and the differences between levels are great. A person 10 lvls above you (generally) would destroy you in PvP. Max level is 120(?) and you can get Reborn once to start again from lvl 15 as a different class. There are four classes in total: Archer, Taoist, Trojan, and Warrior. Archers are long range specialists. Trojans are basially fighter, and have the highest physical attack. Taoists are basically mages, and can specialize later to be more offensive of defensive. Warriors are kind of underpowered, and most consideer them to be Trojans that aren’t as good. I think their best stat is defense. 7/10

Well, most people are idiots on the servers. There are some good people, but most of the time, unless you are high level, no one will say anything. Once you become high level, you can enter their ‘clique’ and get to know some people a litle more. 5/10

Overall, CO is one of the best free MMORPGs and I love it. Play it for a while and see if it is your thing. My advice, start playing along with a few of your friends.

Total: 8/10

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