Cosplay of the Week: League of Legends, SNK & More!

It’s almost the start of summer – which means it’s just a few weeks away from E3 Cosplay and the summer con circuit! Feed your need for cosplay with this week’s features, and remember: visit the artists directly to support their work!

Justicar Syndra by KitaiNoCosplayJusticar Syndra by KitaiNoCosplay / Photographed by Onurcan Erdem


Jinouga huntress. by Shoko-CosplayJinouga huntress. by Shoko-Cosplay / Photographed by Shashin Kaihi


 Female Titan Cosplay by AlysonTabbitha Female Titan Cosplay by AlysonTabbitha / Photographed by Madison Kate


Dragon Age cosplay by HydraEvilDragon Age cosplay by Ophidia, Dark Incognito, and Bylkin / Photographed by 2ravens


Midna Cosplay Portrait by YukilefayMidna Cosplay Portrait by Yukilefay / Photographed by Vampy


Bonus Round: Geek Art of the Week

Claptrap by AnpuNLClaptrap by AnpuNL


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