Deck of Ashes Introduces the Pyromancer Character

Deck of Ashes Pyromancer

Forged in flame, and a bearer of powerful hellfire, Lucia is the name of the Pyromancer in the upcoming deckbuilder, Deck of Ashes. It’s on the way to Steam’s Early Access in April. AY Games introduce Lucia to the world today and is one of the playable characters in the upcoming game. Burned alive for unintentionally helping release the horrific “Ash Curse” on the world, Lucia rose like the legendary Phoenix, becoming one with the flame, but eternally tormented by it at the same time. Lucia, as the Pyromancer, seeks to regain her once peaceful life – and will scorch anything and anyone who stands in her way.

The Pyromancer is a playable character in Deck of Ashes, and she brings with her three core abilities –

  • Feel the Burn: Set your enemies on fire and watch them wither to ash
  • Strength Comes From Pain: Trade some of your own health to accelerate the incineration of your foes
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice: Set your precious cards and deck on fire to obtain obscenely powerful effects
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