Deepolis Review: And You Thought They Ran Out Of Ideas

Deepolis Review: And You Thought They Ran Out Of Ideas
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG journalist

MMOs have been evolving throughout the years, constantly building variations to let players enjoy more subcategories of this game genre. One amazing example would have to be Deepolis, an MMORPG that takes players deep into the heart of an underwater world. Unlike the more traditional types of MMOs, have a ship instead of a random humanoid character. Well, you’ll still be your own person but most of your escapades will be held via submarines.


All hands on deck!

Creating your character couldn’t be simpler as the game asks you to fill in your character’s description rather than customizing them through a graphical interface. After filling in your character bio/profile and customizing your avatar, you’re ready to pick your faction. Each player is entitled to be his or her own marine commander. The three factions are as follows: Scions, Nauts, and Jafnhars. Although there are no exclusive features to each faction, each of them has their own community that helps players in various ways. Nauts for example is the best newbie faction as it provides basic features for the newbies to get used to. Other than that, Scions and Jafnhars are more or less the main protagonists and antagonists of the game.


Deepolis Area Combat

Combat in Deepolis


Fire the torpedoes! SPARE NO ONE!

As you may have expected, goblins and dragons do not exist in the underwater world, instead the game gives you an array of sea monsters and of course the opposite factions for you to battle with. Combat isn’t flashy but can still be satisfying due to its presentation. Once you target an opponent, you’re free to go all out with torpedoes and heavy artillery until they turn completely into wet rubble. Combat retains its traditional balance revolving on which player is richer instead of which is more skilled. I have nothing against this since it serves as a challenge for players to grind their characters to perfection. As for the games tactical value, need to know the proper chain of firearms in order to hit your opponents effectively. It’s a generic combat feature for almost every MMO, but it’s definitely a staple.


Quests? Who would have thought?!

Indeed! The game has quests and a lot of them. No, these aren’t the type of quests that would just point you to your proper leveling grounds; some of them actually feature courier missions, which most MMOs lack. The game has a very impressive array of quests in my opinion.


Ship and Quest

Select a ship and go out to complete quests!


Fuel! We need fuel!!!

One factor that makes this game quite unique would be the fuel factor. Unlike most games, you’ll need fuel and energy as you progress deep within the watery dome. Helix and Cels can be acquired in different places on the map (Scattered more like). It gets a bit annoying but the price for realism is quite hefty. If you recall demanding games like LOST PLANET, you’ll know what I mean when I say that you need these elements to survive. You also need these minerals not only for purchasing upgrades, but also as a form of ticket to enter the upgrade stores.


Graphics and Sounds

One thing to mention about the graphics is the timelessness. You won’t really ask for more since you know it was meant to look that way. The submarines are properly rendered and are detailed to perfection. The monsters don’t look half bad as well, with well-animated movements that are sure to make your underwater battles priceless. The sound on the other hand is rather poor. They do give off that satisfying crunch but there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement. As far as in game music is concerned, this game lacks it. The game does feature a few BGMs (Background Music) but they often standout instead of simply harmonizing with the ambience.


The interface is very stable and is light on the eyes. The menu is well placed and easy to remember. There’s also a chat window on the left side of your screen, allowing you to contact or talk to other players while drifting across the ocean.


What To Look Forward To

Deepolis is remarkable when it comes to its community value. Journeying across the wide and broad ocean depths with other players has never been this good (well, since it’s the only thing that features this type of gameplay). If you’re looking for a good game that lets you exercise tons of PVP along with your friends, this is the game you’re looking for. Since you’re to be a part of an underwater world at war, hungry PVPers looking to sink your submarine at any given time will be all around you. Yank your friends in to play for your team and enjoy the breathtaking battles between the three factions.


Deepolis Map

Factions and Bosses on the Map


The exploration factor is also a big plus since you’ll be scrolling through diverse 3D areas that will keep you exploring until your PC overheats and breaks down LOL.


Huwaat?! Membership whoring again?!


It seems that premium subscriptions have become quite a fad for free to play MMO games. I don’t really have anything against it, but the main fact that paying them would make it a lot easier for you does make the whole “free to play” concept a bit trivial.


The verdict

For a unique game, Deepolis displays its features well in almost every aspect. It’s fun, simple and carries high replay value. No one can resist an all out war (thinks about RF Online) so I guess this game is going in the right direction. The map is huge and is filled with diversity, making it exquisite for journeymen who are looking for a worthwhile adventure. As for PVP, I believe Deepolis has acquired the proper elements in order to make it work. Intense submarine battles, constant BOOMs and BAMs, nicely rendered subs, yep! This one awesome game.


The good:
– Diverse areas
– User-friendly interface
– Excellent community.


The bad:
– Needs more music
– Sound effects needs more tweaking
– Needs more monsters
– Subscription whoring. 

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