Digimon Battle Interview – Finally! An Online Game For an Online-Themed Anime!

Digimon Battle Interview: Finally! An Online Game for an Online-themed Anime!
Questions by Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Hwa Jun ,Lim(Main Developer of Digimon Battle and CTO of Digitalic Co.,Ltd)


Since my Highschool days I was a big Digimon fan (aside from being an former obsessed Pokémon TCG player), even if my ears suffered from the bad dub quality I persevered through the series because I was excited to see new Digimons come out. My Digimon fandom even went as far as me trying to beg for my parents to get me each and every digivice that came out.


That’s why I was excited to hear that somebody finally decided to make an online Digimon game. I know I shouldn’t be star struck with my interviewee but I just couldn’t keep my excitement bottled when I was assigned this task. So without further adieu here’s my interview with the main developer of Digimon Battle. 


OnRPG: With a month after the game’s official OBT release how is the game’s current state?

The OBT has been very successful, with fans from all over the world joining in to play. We have been listening closely to fan feedback during the beta to make sure we’re making a game that everyone will love. We’ve been using the last month to tweak the game and prepare for future updates.


OnRPG: How has been the player’s response to the game? Have you seen those fans of the series also playing the game?

We have received great feedback from our enthusiastic fan base since day one. They love the game and have very vocal about it on our social media outlets and fan forums. They have also been receptive to our in-game events. Definitely, we have found that many fans of the Digimon cartoon series are active players of Digimon Battle.


Digimon Battle Loading Screen


OnRPG: Digimon is already a made franchise even before the game was released, what expectations were set upon the team in regards to making it an MMORPG?

It was very important to us to preserve the spirit of Digimon when making the game while also creating an interactive entertainment experience. We wanted fans of all ages to be able to find their favorite characters and engage in gameplay.  An MMORPG game format enables fans to work together to defeat evil Digimon. We also made it a turn-based format for battles to make it easy for everyone to play at their own pace and be completely immersed in challenging battles at all levels.


OnRPG: Was it difficult to translate the series into an online game?

We knew it was important to keep the game related to the Digimon television series, which fans know and love. During the development process, we were able to reference the Digimon characters and lore which made designing the game easier. Our vision for the game was to allow players to interact with their favorite characters and each other. . Just like Digimon characters in the classic cartoon, Digimon characters need to gain experience to digivolve into their next forms. Similar to the show, Digimon gets to test out critical attack skills. Tamers guide Digimon in intense training and challenging battles so they can progress to the next level, starting at “In-Training” and moving all the way up to the ultimate “Mega” stage. We wanted it be like fans were stepping into their favorite TV show!


OnRPG: Among the 5 anime series in the Digimon universe why did the game utilize the third season of the series, Digimon Tamers as the game’s backdrop?

When we first had the idea to create an online Digimon game, Digimon Tamers was very popular. We felt like the Tamer storyline would translate well into a video game and would continue to be entertaining for a long time.


OnRPG: In the game’s character creation you only have the three main characters, Takato, Henry and Rika plus Jeri as the avatar of choice for players. Is there a possibility that the other characters from the series be included in the avatar roster?

Yes, we are considering adding in characters in future updates. We are constantly updating and improving the game. You never know when your favorite Tamer might show up!


Digimon Battle Character
Select your tamer


OnRPG: Is Digimon Battle anyway related to the Digimon Tamer’s timeline? Why or Why not?

The game was inspired by third Digimon series about the Tamers. Similar to its timeline, Digimon Battle is set in an alternate timeline that allowed Digimon to cross over into the Real World. There will be several events and contests based on particular episodes that fans will recognize. However, a majority of the game storyline is original because we wanted there to be new aspects of the Digimon universe for fans to discover and explore.


OnRPG: Are all the Digimons that characters will be facing in the game be strictly related to the series? Is there an off chance that some Digimons that are not seen in Tamers be included in the game’s bestiary?

Specifically, the Tamers and partner Digimon characters in Digimon Battle are from Series III, titled, “Digimon Tamers,” and other Digimon characters found in the game are based on Series I-IV (“Digimon Adventure,” “Digimon Adventure 02,” “Digimon Tamers”, and “Digimon Frontier”). We have not yet made any official announcements regarding specific Digimon that will appear in the future.


OnRPG: The game has the 3 basic Digimon choices from the start, Gigimon, Gummymon and Viximon, while four more choices, Yamon, Demiveemon, Dorimon and Hopmon are special Digimon choices after players take part in in-game events. Why did you decide to separate the choices like this? Is there an off chance that other fresh form Digimons be included in the choices like Punimon? Why or why not?

We kept the options simple during the OBT in order to make it easier to test the game. We definitely plan to release more Digimon characters in future updates.  At launch, we will be introducing Demiveemon and Dorimon into the DigiShop. We will continue to roll out new characters because it keep fans engaged and provide fresh new content and surprises as the game progresses. You never know when your favorite Digimon might be added!


Digimon Battle Teleport
Ingame combat


OnRPG: Is the Digimon growth path in the game strictly similar to how the Digimon in the series grow? Or does the game follow the same concept of other console Digimon games where an in-training Digimon much similar to the one’s seen in the series may digivolve into a totally different rookie Digimon? Why or why not?

Each Digimon has a unique Digivolution tree. Popular characters such as Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon , Agumon and Gabumon have digivolutions that are mostly the same as the original animation. But because we created a new story arc for Digimon Battle, there are many Digimon who have newly designed digivolution trees.


OnRPG: According to the site, there are some Digimons who will never get to mega stage. Does this stop the Digimons from leveling up? Is there any way Digimons who will never get to mega stage defeat those Digimons who are?

Some Digimon may never reach Mega stage, but they are not prevented from leveling up. The Digimon who are unable to digivolve to the Mega stage can still defeat enemy Digimons as long as their stat points and levels are high enough.


OnRPG: Digimon is also famous for creating such an impressive line of merchandise that is related to each series being aired. Is there a possibility that Digimon Battle will also follow suit? Or is there a possibility that real-life merchandise will be released that can be linked to Digimon Battle? Why or Why not?

At the moment, we don’t have any plans to release any toys. There is already a lot of great Digimon merchandise available on the market, many which relate to the characters that are featured in Digimon Battle.


OnRPG: Can you elaborate on how the captured Digimon system works?

Tamers can capture field Digimon during battles.  To capture an enemy Digimon, press the “C” key during battle.  Only Digimon at the In-Training stage can be captured and Tamers cannot attack a Digimon while capturing it. Tamers can recall up to 2 captured Digimon by pressing the “R” key. There is a maximum of 3 Digimons – 1 partner Digimon and 2 captured Digimon – allowed during battles. Also, there are special capturing nets are now available in the Digishop which allow users to succeed in capturing Digimon 100% of the time.


Digimon Battle Teleport
Training a Digimon


OnRPG: Is there a PVP system set up in the game?

Yes, players can form groups and guilds, participate in multi-player battles and play to win contests held within the game. In future updates, we plan to open a “Battle Mode” PvP system so users can compete against one another and see how they match up in an online ranking system.


OnRPG: What’s in store for Digimon Battle players in the future?

Digimon Battle players can expect more Digimon, maps, player events and much more in future updates. Also, players will continue to see new items released in the Digishop. Check out http://www.digimonbattle.com/ for the latest Digimon Battle news and sign up to play!


OnRPG: Thanks for your time and we’re really looking forward to how the game progresses! 

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