DOMO Europe Review: Very Social and Plenty of Customization

By Jeffrey Kerkdijk (Hyarume), Onrpg writer

Developed by Softstar, Dream of mirror online is a free to play social MMORPG which takes place in a sacred artifact from mythical ancient China. The sacred Kunlun Mirror has the power to create and destroy the world.

Welcome to the world within the Kunlun Mirror

There is a mirror, the Kunlun Mirror, which is a Mirror that records everything. The world beyond the Mirror reflects the real world; inside the Mirror is a copy, a copy of everything in the real world. Twelve Mirror Kings watched over the Mirror World.

All of the sudden the mirror stopped working correctly and was not able to reflect reality precisely. And if that wasn’t enough many of the Mirror Kings have disappeared as well. Their disappointment upon the human race in the real world turned them into various odd life forms in the Mirror World.

To solve this crisis, the Mirror Kings have started to call real world humans into the Mirror World to restore their world.

And that is where your journey starts, as you are drawn into the world within the mirror.


First you have create a character, there are four races in the game: you have the Human race which should be recognizable, it is also the most balanced race in the game. Then there is the Felin race a race that is more powerful when it comes to melee classes, which also means that they are no good at magic classes. The Sylph race, a mind-levitating race, is a race that has more wisdom than the other races, therefore making them great at magic classes, but they suck at melee classes. And lastly Sprite a race a race that is ironically no good at combat at all, but they are good merchants and they are small and quick.

So you can pick one of these races when you are making a character, then you can customize it and press the creation button to start your journey in the mirror world.

What I really like about this game is the class system, you can change any time you want and you can take certain aspects of the leveled class with your other classes with you. This really makes the gameplay so variable. This is also a really unique feature, its different from a regular sub-job system.

There are thirteen classes in the game, they are: Citizen, Swordsman, Martial artist, Thief, Shaman, Doctor, Hunter, Mercenary, Musician, Wizard, Fencer, Merchant and Dancer. Each have their own unique abilities and skills, and having so many makes the multi-class system work just perfectly.

Combat in Dream of Mirror is not very different from other MMORPGs but it is better because of the multi-class system, which gives you a lot of possibilities to build your character to the way you want it to be and that isn’t even the best of it; you can change it whenever you want to, that is what I really like about this game.

There is also a relation system in the game, in which you can gain special skills when you are fighting together with each other. This is actually the one of the most unique feature I have ever seen in a MMORPG.

Another feature in Dream of Mirror Online is the Fate system, it will help you find your enemy or relative or perhaps it will show you your true love. It is really funny because all of the sudden when you are walking through the game, you hear a heart pounding and you see a pink line between you and another player the closer you get to that player the harder the heart will beat; your character is in love.

But there is more, to enhance this systems the game is made in a way that you will have to work together with other players to achieve your goals. I absolutely love the community, and I think that this is why everyone is so friendly to one another.

There are also professions in the game: mining, meditating, fishing, farming, harvesting and herding. Six ways to make more money in the game. Plus there is an in-depth crafting system in the game.

Finally, if you are tired of walking all around, why not fly? After reaching a required level, and completing a quest you can! This makes getting around much easier.

Doggy Wars

There are 7 types of PvP in Dream of Mirror Online: Corridor Death Match, Hill Death Match, Bunker Death Match, Cosmic Cannon Battle, Reaping Competition, Doggy Wars and Friendly Match. All have their own set of rules, and gameplay. There is more than enough for the PvP fan.

Visuals and Sound

The game looks good, the popular anime style is presented in a nice way, environments looks great. And I really like that it runs so smooth, there is almost no lag when playing the game. And if you have problems running the game, there are enough options to make it run right. The music isn’t the best and I found it pretty annoying at times, the other sounds are good.

Personal recommendation

Dream of Mirror Online is a great game, there is enough to do and the storyline is interesting. I really love the community and the multi-class system. There is plenty of customizing in the game, and by that I don’t only mean the looks of your character. The multi-class system gives you a lot of ways to customize and it is always changeable. The visuals are good, but I found some of the music in the game really annoying. In short: if you are looking for a different type of MMORPG, and you like to socialize: this is the MMORPG for you.


– Good storyline

– Good Graphics

– Great community

– Good interface

– Great customization

– Relationship system

– Multi-class system


– Storyline can get confusing

– Some of the music can be annoying

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