Dragonica EU Interview: Your questions answered!

Questions by Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), Onrpg journalist, and the Onrpg community
Answered by Max Stolberg, Dragonica Producer, gPotato.eu gaming portal

Dragonica is a game created by Barunson and it is currently being hosted in several versions. Dragonica Online is different from most MMORPGs. It is a 3D side scrolling MMORPG which offers its players to walk in a 2.5 dimensional world with their 3D characters. The game offers us loads of classes, unique features and amazing graphics. We can easily call Dragonica a game of the newest generation.

After a great preview client, which was only available to the press, gPotato, the European host of Dragonica, decided to launch a Closed Beta and shortly after that an Open Beta. Onrpg had the chance to ask one of their producers a few questions about the game and its future. The questions were publicly chosen by the Onrpg community and myself. Please be aware of the fact that there was a delay between the moment the questions were sent and the moment they were sent back.

Onrpg: Would you like to introduce yourself, please?
Hi there. Thank you very much for letting me discuss Dragonica with you. My name is Max Stolberg and I’m the Producer of Dragonica for the European market. My job is to plan and coordinate the market entry of Dragonica in Europe. This includes the localisation, testing and launch of Dragonica and successively its EU operation.

Onrpg: Will our characters remain after the wipe or will everything be reset?
Characters after CBT had been reset or wiped indeed. Characters will not be reset or wiped after Open Beta. We’ve already opened the in game shop and players can spend real money for Dragonica to equip their characters. There won’t be a wipe.

Dragonica Archerer

Onrpg: Are you planning to IP-block the residents of the countries who do not have their own version of Dragonica (such as North and South America)?
The IP block already has been implemented in Europe and will soon be implemented in Singapore and North America as well. Regions who do not have a licensed publisher yet are excluded from this IP block of course. Further, we offer European players travelling abroad to register their IP so they can continue playing on their Dragonica version.

Onrpg: Many players do not understand the complicated mission grading system. Can the mission grading system be explained more in depth, please?
There are 7 ranks in the mission map and depending several factors like combo skill, hit percentage, damage taken and speed a rank is calculated. From top to bottom the ranks are S – A – B – C – D -E – F. The higher the rank (e. g. S) the higher your reward will be.

Onrpg: Are you planning on adding special mission maps which require more than four players?
There are plans to have mission maps that require more than four players indeed. I cannot reveal any more details yet however as this system has not been fully finalized yet.

Onrpg: When a player dies, he has to pay an amount of gold to get revived. Many players are complaining about the high costs of reviving. Are you planning on lowering the costs?
We’re not planning on lowering those revival costs currently. First, you can always buy feathers from the in game shop which revive you with full health and full mana and secondly, you do not have to die actually. This can be avoided you know.

Onrpg: What is the maximum level going to be?
The maximum level currently is 60. When we open the next continent I expect the level cap to be 80 and then progressively 100 and 120. This however is not 100% confirmed and can change if Barunson sees a change necessary.

Onrpg: When the Cash Shop will be released in the official release, will you also release (new) in-game items to buy?
The in game shop is already released even though we’re still in Open Beta phase. Just check it out please. Our in game shop however is built around the philosophy that we do not sell items that give players an unfair advantage so we refrain from selling in game items or balance breaking items.

Onrpg: What makes Dragonica so different from other games?
Dragonica is unique in its approach to form a hybrid MMO & action side-scrolling game. You’ll not only find all the normal MMO features including achievement system, housing, customizable characters, marriage system, pet system, guild and group PvP to just name a few. Just imagine a mix of “Golden Axe” and “Super Smash Brothers”. It’s retro with modern, hack and slay with skill and coolness with fun. And if you want, you can even get one of those freeware programs to plug in your console and play Dragonica with that. A PC MMO on a console so to speak.

Onrpg: Where do you receive your content from? The Chinese or the Korean Dragonica?
We receive our content from our developer Barunson who has licensed the game to several different publishers worldwide, including ICE in China, NCsoft in Korea, IAHgames in Singapore and THQ in North America. All of those publishers basically receive the same content but of course have the right to either request specific changes according to their market needs or not apply the update at all.

Onrpg: Are you planning on adding unique content that only applies to Gpotato?
We certainly will add unique items or events that only apply to gPotato but as far as whole system features go, I cannot imagine the costs Barunson would have to bear if they’d develop game systems uniquely targeted at one publisher. I think such a thing is out of the question, unfortunately.

Dragonica NPCs

Onrpg: What kind of updates can we expect? Are there incentives for PvP, are you going to raise the level cap, are there new class evolutions etc.. ?
The next big update will see more content added in the level 50-60 region with new mission maps and new monsters to beat. Also, the PvP system still will be worked on as well as class balance, class design and class evolution. Barunson also will continue to work on high end level content, new in game features like the housing and pet system and many more. We’ve launched the game now as we believe it’s good enough for a release and good enough for players to thoroughly enjoy it but it’s far from finished. There’s much more to come and to look forward to.

Onrpg: What would you like to see added in Dragonica yourself?
PvP and PvE end level content. Mission maps with 10 players having a really challenging boss fight.

Onrpg: Can we expect more games of Gpotato this year? Could you at least mention some title(s)?
We’ll indeed add another AAA title this year with Allods Online, a sci-fi fantasy game developed by the Russion developer Nival Online. Look out for this game as it’ll be a blockbuster among free to play games.

Onrpg: Are you planning on adding new content in the future? Could you tell us a little bit more about that?
As I mentioned we’ll add additional monster and mission maps between level 50 and 60. For other content updates, please be patient and wait a little bit longer.

Onrpg: Is there anything else you would like to mention?
I wish all of you a lot of fun playing Dragonica and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Onrpg: Thank you for answering our questions!

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