Early Access: Scarlet Blade Pt 2 – Customization and Lingerie that Matters!

Early Access: Scarlet Blade Pt 2 – Customization and Lingerie that Matters!

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief



As I alluded to in part 1 of OnRPG’s Early Access to Scarlet Blade, if you’re looking to be one of the early adopters of this game, you’re probably a pretty identifiable type of gamer. As such the customization this game offers is going to be a big deal to you so I’m breaking that down in as much detail as possible.



Pre-Start Customization Options

Your first decision in making a character is an important one you’ll want to coordinate with any friends you plan to game with. You see there’s actually a story behind the tits n ass Scarlet Blade brings to the table and though you can read it all for yourself at their official site, the part you need to know during customization is that you are one of the final surviving humans and you must now choose your avatar from one of various bioengineered super warriors to fight on your behalf on the surface world against the Narek Alien Invasion. But not all is peaceful within the Arkana’s underground confinement as two branches of the controlling AI have arisen and view the other as a threat.



Thus you must choose to fight for the Royal Guards that uphold the original beliefs of the Ark’s creators and the Mother’s AI oversight, or the Free Knights that believe the original AI is outdated and oppressive and that Arkana should be granted their full freedom as soon as the Narek are defeated. But no worries, from a gameplay perspective you still will have access to all the classes so view it from nothing more than a roleplay perspective and not as a gameplay factor.



Once you choose sides you can choose your class that will align your character with a certain body type. Be it the tall and might Defender, the loli Sentinel, the voluptuous Punisher, or any other class, you will carry rather distinguishable and unchangeable traits and weapons that will allow you to be easily identifiable from a distance by your enemies. Sad news I know for those that were expecting a boob slider but that’s the current design decision.



So what options do you have? Scarlet Blade offers a slightly above average number of customization choices ranging from face to eyes to lip color, to hair style and so on. With the limited and rather unimportant default lingerie option as the only exception, everything on the list is focused on giving your character a unique enough face to tell yourself apart from others of your class. Though I give the game props for offering a full spectrum of color choices for hair, eyes, and lips that’s inexplicably missing in many F2P MMORPGs out these days.



I will complain (and this is more a personal gripe than actual issue) that I can’t stand when customization systems put the ‘random’ button at the bottom of the list. Those excited to quickly jump through the options like myself will usually accidently click this button and there is no way to revert all your previous decisions once the random button is triggered. Please Aeria do us a favor and tell the developers to move the button up next to the pre-built area to save players the frustration at launch.



Post-Creation Customization

One of the strengths of Scarlet Blade has to be the sheer number of options available for distinguishing yourself and customizing your character’s strengths once in-game. Characters can acquire plenty of visible equipment including helms, chest pieces, underwear, gloves, leggings, shoes, wrist-guards, and weapons, along with other not so visible accessories like earrings, rings, and so on. And for the record, yes your lingerie gives stats so be sure to go for the overpriced table at Victoria’s Secret cause the granny panties aren’t going to cut it in PvP. Beyond this there are huge numbers of fashion slots available to give your character the perfect sexy look of your dreams.


I like tall well-endowed women dressed in bunny girl outfits. The fact Aeria knew this and gave me a Defender Playboy Bunny for my GM character was a bit scary.



Are you more into the hot vampire in the snow fantasy? Hentai-Bot 6,000 is!


Kill Bill fans as well as Asian Racing Queen lovers can unite in their love of this hot outfit. Cash Shop weapon skin preview included!


Shrink Ray Malfunction? Good work Hentai-Bot!


Ever thought European puffy pants from the Middle Ages were hot? Yea… so did the Scarlet Blade designers. Forever Alone no longer!



Skill Customization is also open for players to experiment with, though by end-game you’ll have most if not all your skills fully unlocked. Just be cautious if you’re one of the first to play as we were testing level 39 characters but the early beta events will only allow you to reach level 29. As you level you gain points to unlock both active skills broken down by various tree branches and passive skills unique to each class. You will also be able to acquire unique skills related to your PvP exoskeleton and Mech but more on that in part 3 of our write-up.




For those that have to know everything, here’s a quick stat breakdown based on the game in its current state. Your three primary bars include HP, CP (used for summoning and maintaining exoskeleton suits and mechs), and Skill Points (akin to a mana bar or MP in most MMORPGs).



The physical attack based stats are strength, accuracy, defense, evasion, crit rate, crit attack (multiplier of how hard your crits hit), and crit-evade (lowers chance of crits hitting you).



Magic in this game is classified as Chakra and broken down into gravity, plasma, voltage, atomic, and particle Chakra, though I don’t know exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of each are currently. Your Void stat and Void-Crit determine the relative strength of your Chakra skills which is further broken down into Chakra Attack, Chakra Accuracy, and Chakra Evade, making magical strikes act more akin to the way physical attacks do in the usual MMORPG.



Whew sorry if I got a little long winded on stats there! I’ll conclude OnRPG’s Scarlet Blade write-up tomorrow with my thoughts on gameplay, features, and my overall first impression and critique of the game.

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