9Dragons’ Spring Content Update Now Available

Leading online game publisher GamesCampus announces the latest content update for their popular martial arts MMORPG, 9Dragons! From adding an entirely new dungeon, renewing the Black vs. White War system, and holding their latest Spring Events, 9Dragons gives their dedicated players the opportunity to challenge their skills and earn stronger gear!

9D Dungeon

The new Dungeon of Conqueror challenges players with four different levels, and increases the level of difficulty depending on the color passes they use to enter. Players must navigate through the stages by defeating monsters, avoiding traps, and claiming their rewards from the Treasure boxes and item drops.

In the Black vs. White renewal, players are tested with tougher bosses, while enemy clan members try to prevent each other’s victory! This update requires strong teamwork in order to come out on top and claim the great rewards. The battles begin twice per day in Bloody Plains and end in the Cave of Conqueror.

9D Spring Banner

Last but not least, the five-week Spring into Spring event is an exciting chance for players to collect and use new event items, gear, and Spring Dragon weapons. Combined with the special EXP events like Triple Threat and Weekend events, leveling up and earning new gear has never been easier.

All these exciting features are now available, so head over to their official website at http://9dragons.gamescampus.com and sign up now!

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