E3 2015 Final Recap – Strike Vector Ex, Ace of Arenas, and The Banner Saga 2!

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW)

TheBannerSaga2_E32015 Review

Inevitably while working a convention at E3, you’re going to stumble across one or two titles that just don’t fall anywhere in your typical coverage. These games are a bit on the odd side, and that can be refreshing enough to stop us in our busy schedule long enough to take a look. Now that the major hustle to race our primary convention coverage live has come to an end, I can do the same at home to recall these gems for you. Let’s kick it into high gear though with a cult favorite of the flight sim genre, Strike Vector!


Table of Contents
1. Ragequit Corporation – Strike Vector EX
2. GAEA – Ace of Arenas
3. Versus Evil – Bedlam and The Banner Saga 2


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