Eagle: Fantasy Golf Review – Your Anime Golf Adventure

By: Ojogo


Eagle Fantasy Golf Review

One of the things I like that video games allowed access to is to be able to delve into sports that I don’t have the capability (physically or financially) to access. Golfing is one fine example of a sport that I don’t plan on taking anytime soon because I can’t afford to play the game. And with Aiming’s Eagle: Fantasy Golf, I really don’t have to.


Eagle Fantasy Golf Review


Eagle: Fantasy Golf allows you to play as a golfer in either competing solo runs or against other players in various virtual fantasy golf courses. It’s an energy based free-to-play title for both the android and iOS from Aiming Global Services Inc.

The game adheres to golf’s basic gameplay rules so expect pars, bogeys, eagles and hole in ones as your course goals in-game. However, Eagle: Fantasy Golf adds in an additional scoring system in the form of Play Points or PP. This puts a bit more pressure on doing precise shots in the field as this is usually the basis for tie-breakers in-game. So this means that aside from trying to have the least amount of strokes to end a course, you also have to be able to properly line-up shots in the most effective way possible.

You have control in shot strength, angle and ball spin as the basic in-game controls. But that’s not what the game allows you to do as you can add in skill shots and other unusual moves as you acquire equipment that allows you to do these shots.

Eagle Fantasy Golf Review

That is why the other main gameplay feature Eagle: Fantasy Golf has is to be able to equip your character with clothes and clubs that enhance PP gained per shot.  This is already on top of the skills that you can earn from the rarer equipment you can get via lottery or downright purchased from the item store.


Eagle Fantasy Golf Review

Gameplay Option

Eagle: Fantasy Golf currently has three main gameplay modes. They are namely: the single play, match, and spin quest game modes.

Single play follows the solo gameplay system that lets you unlock courses in game. Typical to mobile titles, Eagle: Fantasy Golf also has a star system in each course. But unlike other titles where you can just easily earn these stars. In Eagle: Fantasy Golf you need to either get a bogey, eagle or hole-in-one to get them. That is why if you’re a completionist, this will really eat up your time as you need to bring your A-game to pull off multiple hole-in-one to get full stars.

Eagle Fantasy Golf Review

Match play on the other hand allows you to face other players in challenges. You are matched against same ranked characters regardless of their current level. The course is determined by the one who starts the challenge. These challenges are mandatory but you don’t have to necessarily face off when they’re presented. Though I personally think that it’s supposed to be that way since challenges also use your own energy.


Eagle Fantasy Golf Review


One of the things that really stood out to me from the game is how nice its visuals are, without falling into the trap of being too anime kiddie. While the chosen color scheme feels like a throwback to Pangya days, the lack of the too child-like visual and sound effects separates Eagle: Fantasy Golf from its predecessors.

Still, there’s something to be said with the current visuals and sounds of the game. The pastel look of the locations and characters, coupled with the upbeat background music make the game feel a bit more lively. Everything pops and keeps you motivated, even if you find golf normally boring.

I also like that the game tries to keep you interested in the customization of your avatar as there are tons of clothing combinations you can purchase and use.


Eagle Fantasy Golf Review

Skill Creep

Speaking of costumes. As I mentioned earlier in this review. The costumes and clubs you get in-game provide your avatar skill and shot options that you would never normally get through the lower starred ones. This brings about a skill creep that, while not really noticeable early on, begins to dominate in the late-game.

As you increase your level and rank. You’ll notice that challenges become tougher. Some of the handicaps from solo play will be removed in match games, and the game’s difficulty curve would slowly but surely steepen as you rank up.

This gives a bit of a sense of purpose as you continue on. The difficulty curve would become either your best friend or worst enemy. It’ll feel like the rug was pulled out from under you because without warning, those tiny gameplay handicaps the game offered you at the lower ranks will suddenly disappear. Thus rising out from the Rank D elo hell is quite a task.

It will make or break how much replayability you feel the game has once the gloves come off. Don’t let the cute anime exterior fool you. If you’re in for the long haul, Eagle: Fantasy Golf has a highly competitive golf sim waiting for those that stick around.


Eagle Fantasy Golf Review


Overall, my current experience with Eagle: Fantasy Golf has been a nostalgic look back into fantasy golf games since I played tons of Pangya when it was still alive. The gameplay itself is thankfully solid with the physics engine clearly and easily defined. RNG is thrown out the window as you have all the tools needed to figure out how wind and green layout will affect your shots and roll.

The game is really easy to get into with its softcore early game offering a casual atmosphere. But only the masters will survive the head to head challenges where epic gear and extreme shot control become everything.

My primary complaint with Eagle: Fantasy Golf though is the hefty single player energy system. This feels like a subtle way of forcing players into the competitive head to head aspects of the game. If you’re a competitive gamer, this is ideal. If not, then you might find yourself playing less and less as you advance.


Eagle Fantasy Golf Review

Conclusion: Great
So if you’re looking for a game that can cure that Fantasy Golf itch that you’ve been looking for Aiming’s Eagle: Fantasy Golf is a good game to sink your teeth into.

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