Kickstarter Report: May 2019

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Hello, Internet! This is something we used to do on OnRPG/The OnRPG Youtube Channel, but it occurred to me that maybe we should do it again. You see, I have a few friends that make sure I always see interesting Kickstarter projects, some of which get funded, and some that sadly do not. I wanted to try and focus on some that are in need of support, that look interesting. One of them is already funded though, but I love the concept enough to want to post it anyway. Perhaps we can expand this into Patreon, for games that are being worked on there? Perhaps! So, without further ado, let’s look at some upcoming Kickstarter titles.

1. Kingdom of Night: Kingdom of Night managed to get completely funded in under 48 hours, which I always think is pretty damn incredible. Kingdom of Night is described as an 80s ARPG, where Diablo meets EarthBound, and if you know anything about me, you know that’s my Peanut Butter and Jam. Kingdom of Night is an isometric story-driven ARPG, set to hit Steam, GOG, PS4, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. They have funded an incredible amount of Stretch Goals already, with the next being “Procedural Generation Mode” for 50,000. You can donate without a reward, but the minimum reward is 25 dollars, which gives you a digital copy of the game for your choice of platform. In the game you’ll battle through the lairs of five demon lords, and I do admittedly love this 80s PC style visual setup. Funded: 46,394/10,000 (38 hours to go)

2. MunchstersThis one was submitted to me by Trepidanos, so kudos to him. I thought it was going to be a little on the silly side, and frankly, it is – but that’s a great thing! Munchers is an open-world shooter RPG inspired by titles like Legend of Zelda and Ragnarok Online, and even Kids Next Door. Munch Island needs saving, and each zone has tons of monsters to fight, and cool weapons to acquire. It’s scheduled to release on PC/Mac/Linux, with Nintnedo Switch/PS4 if the stretch goal is met. The graphics remind me a little of the Scott PIlgrim vs. The World meets EarthBound, which I have no complaints about. Man, is everything about EarthBound these days? Probably. The lowest donation you can make is 10 dollars, which adds you to the backer credits, with 15 dollars giving a digital copy of the game. Munchsters still has a ways to go, but the campaign appears to have started recently, so it’s definitely not too late. Funded: 1,182/33,000 (53 Days to go)

3. GUILT: GUILT will be a multiplayer roguelike ARPG, with a gritty, dark fantasy world. That’s really en vogue right now, huh? It’s a world of “bone and misery”, which is a descriptor I honestly kind of like. Players will follow the endless Trail of Bones and defeat the nightmarish horrors that are along this path. It boasts tension, emergent storytelling, and plenty of dark adventure, and I love the gifs and video they have on the Kickstarter. It does look suitably horrific. This will be a Buy2Play game and will release on Steam (Windows). They also have a link to the pre-alpha demo to try if you aren’t completely sold on the game yet. 5 dollars nets you a spot in the credits, and 15 dollars is the digital copy donation spot. One donation that I think is interesting is the 600 dollar one, which lets you design a boss for the game, which includes the visuals, its attack strategies, and behaviors. That’s a pretty cool concept. Funded: 4,386/14,500 (18 Days to go)

4. Transformice Adventures: We have actually covered this on MMOHuts at least once recently. Transformice Adventures is a sequel to the original Transformice and is an upcoming colorful multiplayer ARPG. It’s an adorable game with a world of cute rodents, where up to four players can team up, explore dungeons, and battle lizards and birds. This is the new project from Atelier 801 and is scheduled to release on Windows/OSX/Linux and Mobile in 2019. I picked this one because it’s goddamn adorable, and I’d like to see this one come to life. This one also has a demo to try, but there will be a wipe when the game goes live so any progress made before then will not be kept. Their smallest donation is €1 for their eternal gratitude, with €10 giving access to Closed Beta, an in-game title and much more. All of their massive rewards are already gone, which is pretty fantastic. Funded: 41,390/111,7775 (21 Days to go)

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