Making Sense of Endless Space 2 PAX Prime 2016 Demo

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW)


During PAX Prime 2016 we had the lucky privilege to go hands on with Endless Space 2’s first ever public demo. However, knowing nothing of the lore beyond a few playthroughs with Endless Legend, we immediately found ourselves baffled at what was happening and why. The demo was just long enough to get our feet wet before ending abruptly with us feeling unsatisfied. With the help of hindsight, and the extreme sleep deprivation that comes with a full 14 hour work week covering PAX, we believe we have at last deciphered the demo, as presented in the following slideshow. Enjoy!


EndlessSpaceA EndlessSpaceB EndlessSpaceC EndlessSpaceD EndlessSpaceE EndlessSpaceF EndlessSpaceG EndlessSpaceH EndlessSpaceI EndlessSpaceJ EndlessSpaceK EndlessSpaceL

EndlessSpaceM EndlessSpaceN EndlessSpaceO


The Answer Couldn’t be More Obvious. Stop Doritos Trucks with a Doritos Truck Cannon. We secretly moved to act before the bluecap shipment reached the Sophons homeworld.

Overall the mission was a resounding success. But a few skilled drivers still broke through the barricade.

EndlessSpaceQ EndlessSpaceR EndlessSpaceS EndlessSpaceT  EndlessSpaceU EndlessSpaceV EndlessSpaceW EndlessSpaceX EndlessSpaceY EndlessSpaceZ

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