Nintendo Switch News – 3/19/18 – 3/23/18

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Lode Runner

Hey everyone! The news was kind of on slow the side last week, so we didn’t publish a Nintendo Switch news piece. That’s okay though, we have quite a few things to mention this week! There was one thing that came out on Friday of last week I want to point out, in Kirby Star Allies, but far and large, this was a pretty good week for the Switch. Nintendo constantly blows me away with picks for the Switch, taking that obvious turn from the “family-friendly” only approach that most of their last consoles embraced so warmly. Darkest Dungeon, for example, is coming out next week, which I did not expect. This week’s bag of games is a mixed one, from horrific gore and violence to cute adorable . . . whatever Kirby is. What is Kirby anyway? A marshmallow? A cloud? Has that ever been made clear? Though I don’t have a date for it, I do have a “coming soon” I’d like to highlight as well. Maybe I’ll do that each news piece if I can, highlight something on the way. We’re also going to include the “Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase” for Spring 2018 from Nintendo. There’s a lot of wonderful indie titles on the Switch and coming to it, so you can check some of that out at the end.

Coming Soon: Lode Runner Legacy (Date Unknown): The first Lode Runner game dropped in 1983 and that was the start of a truly challenging, engaging puzzle game franchise. The next game in the series comes out this spring, and you once again take the role of the Runner and are working to regain stolen gold from the enemies in the labyrinth of the Evil Empire. This game also debuts a new Two-Player Mode, where you can a friend can play offline using two Joy-Cons. Cooperation is key, and if you are greedy, you won’t move on. Two-Player mode also has online ranking, so be the perfect team to climb the leaderboards. The other major highlight of this game is Craft Mode, which will let players create original levels, characters, and items that they can share online for others to challenge. This is one of the only Switch games with user-generated content, so it’s sure to be a hit.

Kirby Star Allies (3/16): Kirby’s back! Not a weird puzzle game, or golf, or racing, none of that nonsense. This is a straight up, multiplayer Kirby side-scrolling adventure. While it does not have online multiplayer, it does feature in-house up to four players and hit enemies with hearts to recruit them to your side. It’s bright, colorful, adorable, and everything you expect a Kirby game to be. Completing worlds will open the Dream Palace, which lets you bring characters like Meta Knight and King Dedede (my personal favorite) to your squad, which will surely be a hit. All it seems to need is online multiplayer. (59.99)

Attack on Titan 2 (3/20): Now this one was a shock to me. Attack on Titan 2 is gorgeous and challenging, but incredibly violent and bloody (though I do believe you can tone that down in the settings). In AoT2, you can create your own custom Scout to do battle with the horrific, skinless, angry Titans. This allows players to see the story of Attack on Titan in a whole new way, and really invest themselves in the battle for survival that is AoT. Our very own Outfoxed also recently reviewed the game, and you can see what he thought of it right here, for anyone who does not know what to expect out of this title.

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (3/20): Another 3DS/Wii-U title hit the Switch this week, and this one’s a doozy. The Shantae games are challenging and visually appealing, and Shantae has lost her magic and has no choice but to team up with her nemesis, the pirate Risky Boots to save Sequin Land from a horrific curse. Pirate Shantae has new weapons and new techniques to defeat her enemies, but the biggest question is “Can she trust Risky Boots?” Players go beyond Sequin Land onto several islands and equip awesome pirate-themed gear, from hats, boots, a flintlock pistol – and of course, a cannon. You can upgrade her hair and other weapons to unlock advanced moves. As always, there are tons of secrets, rare items and multiple endings to unlock. The Shantae series has always been a fun adventure and this one’s no exception. (19.99, eShop)

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  • Mike Guzman

    I am a huge fan of Kirby and if I don’t get too busy this weekend, one of my good friends has a copy of the new one and we’re gonna try it out 😀