PAX East 2015 Day 3 Recap – Gigantic, Guns of Icarus Online, Echo of Soul, Cosplay, and More!



Ragachak’s Final Thoughts: Was it Worth It?

Overall, this was a tremendous experienced packed into a weekend that went by all too fast. But there are good and bad things; while I was there and it was fun, it was still work! By day 2 I was exhausted and sweaty, trudging steadily with no time for rest through the ever increasing throngs of people, with all that entails. But what stood out as best and worst to me? What disappointed me? The lack of Riot presence disappointed me a little bit, but I understand why it may have had to happen. The amount of people who try to visit Riot at one time is overwhelming, and it’s definitely unsafe to have that many people crowd into one spot in the already overbooked expo floor. There is simply not enough room! I was also a little let down that my schedule did not permit me time to stop in to the Twitch Booth, as one of my personal favorite Street Fighter players (and Twitch employee), Mike Ross was there! Profound sadness. I wish I could have had some time with Rock Band 4 (I am uncertain if it was playable, but I did see Harmonix), but at least I played Afro Samurai 2!

PAX East 2015 Guild Wars 2 Player-and-B-Iconics

Another wonderful portion of the event was the Arenanet meeting, where we got the opportunity to see the beginning of Heart of Thorns, the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. There are some very exciting things going on in the upcoming addition to the game, such as the new profession, the Revenant. The Revenant is amazing for several reasons, one of the most exciting for me is that they actually talk! They finally actually speak, and that’s wonderful. Their skills are varied and pretty intense, such as being able to create a barrier that you fire your projectiles through for additional effects. Revenants channel legends of the past, as well as the mist, and wear heavy armor, so they’re nice and tanky. Though we didn’t get to really see the new Mastery system, I do have high hopes for it. And while our time with Arenanet was brief, the introduction to Heart of Thorns is intense, and I’m looking forward to being able to glide, leap, and tumble my way through the canopy of trees that makes up the newest portion of the Guild Wars franchise.

PAX East 2015 Guild Wars 2 Surveying-Wreckage

I loved meeting so many people! I’m neither famous nor interesting, but I did meet people who are and that’s what counts. I think I had the most fun at the SMITE booth, hanging out with their COO, Todd Harris on the private press couch, and learning more about the transfer to Xbox One. Especially since I kicked ass while President Chisam watched over my shoulder! They were very down to earth, and I had a blast meeting them. Coming into the presence of Yoshida of FFXIV fame was also a tremendous honor. The cosplayers really made this special too. I saw everyone from “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and the Macho Man Randy Savage, to the Cobra Commander, Waldo, and everything in between. It was a privilege and pleasure to meet so many creative and pleasant people all coming together for a hobby we can all enjoy. Gaming has so many negative stereotypes and being called a “Gamer” can often be seen as a negative, depending on what company you are in. It was fantastic to be around so many people I share ideas and thoughts with, coming together for a few days of fun, excitement, and games of all types!


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