PAX East 2015 Day 3 Recap – Gigantic, Guns of Icarus Online, Echo of Soul, Cosplay, and More!

PAX East 2015 Cosplay Roundup Part 3!

PAXEast2015CosplayZeldaHyruleWarriors PAXEast2015CosplayYufie PAXEast2015CosplayTibbersLux PAXEast2015CosplayTeamJayce PAXEast2015CosplayStarWars PAXEast2015CosplaySpartan PAXEast2015CosplaySonaSingedEzrael PAXEast2015CosplaySolaireOfAstora PAXEast2015CosplaySnorlaxHawlucha PAXEast2015CosplayPrincessPeach PAXEast2015CosplayPopstarAhri3 PAXEast2015CosplayNurseJoy  PAXEast2015CosplayMidna PAXEast2015CosplayMasseffect PAXEast2015CosplayMajorasMaskWindwaker PAXEast2015CosplayLux PAXEast2015CosplayLoLTeamGragas PAXEast2015CosplayLeeSin PAXEast2015CosplayKingTryndamere PAXEast2015CosplayJanna PAXEast2015CosplayImpa PAXEast2015CosplayHaruvamp PAXEast2015CosplayFullMetalAlchemist PAXEast2015CosplayFemaleLoki PAXEast2015CosplayEvilClown PAXEast2015CosplayDrWilly PAXEast2015CosplayCobraCommander PAXEast2015CosplayCatgirl PAXEast2015CosplayAssassinsCreed PAXEast2015CosplayAsheLoL PAXEast2015Cosplay20 PAXEast2015Cosplay19 PAXEast2015Cosplay18 PAXEast2015Cosplay17 PAXEast2015Cosplay16 PAXEast2015Cosplay15 PAXEast2015Cosplay14 PAXEast2015Cosplay13 PAXEast2015Cosplay12 PAXEast2015Cosplay11

That concludes this year’s PAX East 2015 written coverage! We’ve still got a few secret embargoed articles on the way but that’s all we can talk about for now! Keep an eye out on Youtube for follow up gameplay videos of all these great titles and more. Until next time, this is DizzyPW and Ragachak signing out.


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