PAX Prime 2015 Day 2 Recap – Guild Wars 2, Enter the Gungeon, & More!

By Jason Parker (Ragachak) and Darren Henderson (DizzyPW)

Cosplay Orianna PAX Prime Day 2

Hey everyone! If it were possible for a trip to get better, I didn’t believe it until today. Arena Net was a powerhouse today to be sure, we learned some super top secret information that we can’t wait to tell you about (but we must!), Broforce comes closer and closer to being finished, and we can’t forget the big update for Neverwinter on Xbox One, the biggest content update in the game’s history! There were so many great things going on today, including which was an interview with Final Fantasy XIV’s Yoshitaka, which we will transcribe later on for your edification.There’s a lot more to come too, but let’s cover the highlights from our PAX-filled Saturday.

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Table of Contents

Guild Wars 2


Broforce & Call of Champions

Enter the Gungeon

The Repopulation


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