PAX West 2016 Day Three Recap & Final Thoughts

By Jason Parker (Ragachak)

PAX West 2016 Day Three Recap

I really didn’t do all that much on day three – mostly photograph taking and letting DizzyPW do some work! Most of the stuff we saw today is under an embargo, but it was all quite fun! I can’t think of anything that I really didn’t enjoy to be absolutely honest. While it was a bit crowded, and I actually got physically pushed out of the Indie Megabooth when I was trying to visit the Obduction booth [really, I twisted my ankle under a horde of really obnoxious, ill-bathed people].  Today was the great Sea of Armpits; everyone was taller than me and in closed areas it was borderline claustrophobic. I couldn’t breathe and it was quite vexing. Other than that particular moment I had a blast, and while the running and walking is exhausting physically, there’s a bit of a rush, an adrenaline boost when you get to the press areas, and knowing you did your job to the best of your ability. I didn’t go to PAX East this year so I didn’t get my brief training/reminder of how taxing it is.

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Heavy Metal Machines (Hoplon)

Final Thoughts

Cosplay Round-Up (Day Three)

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