SMITE Patch Livestream Notes – Izanami Revealed


On today’s SMITE patch notes livestream, Hi-Rez revealed Patch 3.16 – Final Awakening, including balance changes, new skins, and a new Japanese goddess: Izanami.

Balance/Bug Fixes


  • Phantom – Cooldown up 140-180s. Now affects allies within 35 units.


  • Divine Ruin – Magic up 50-65.
  • Magi’s Blessing – Cost Reduction 2350->2150.
  • Pythagorem’s Piece – Cost 2600->2400. Power 70->60. Passive Aura Increased 20->30. Passive Aura lifesteal 10%->15%.
  • Spectral Armor – Cost Reduction 2100->1900.
  • Witchblade – Phys Protection up 45->60.

Season Ticket Update:

  • Griffindwarf Fafnir
  • Adanas Voice Pack
  • Prize Money Global Emote

God Balance Changes

  • Arachne: Spiders on web now showcase your mastery color.
  • Erlang Shen: Pin Cooldown increased from 12s-16s.
  • Fafnir:
    • Passive no longer persists after death.
    • Endless Greed Bonus gold reduced from 4-2.
    • Coerce cooldown increase from 13s-15s.
  • Hou Yi:
    • Golden Crow made him impossible to box.
    • Ricochet – scaling increased, base damage and bounce damage decrease.
    • Mark of the Golden Bow – removed 25% armor pen at rank 5. Ability now reveals all marked targets at all ranks. Duration reduced 15s-10s.
  • Kali: Attack animation fix.
  • Odin: Legendary Odin was showing wrong spears on ultimate.
  • Sylvanus:
    • Buff to ability to pressure enemy.
    • Verdant Growth – damage increased late game. 240 max rank.
    • Wisps – increased protections given.
    • Nature’s Grasp – reduced cooldown by 2s at each level.


NEW GOD: Izanami – Hunter Class (Japan)

Weapon: Boomerang – 50% scaling to balance double hit. On hit effects only proc on first target it hits. Lifesteal AoE – 30% lifesteal to everything it hits. If boomerang hits a wall, it immediately bounces back. Procs second damage hit sooner, but loses range.

Passive: Near Death Mechanic. Gains passive bonus to %penetration (up to 15%). Caps at 20% health.

1: Sickle Storm: 6s has 100% scaling, basic attacks don’t boomerang. Dramatically increased attack speed.

2: Spectral Projection: Projectile Vengeful Spirit. Passes through enemies, walls, and gods, dealing damage and slowing. If target afflicted by slow dies, permanently powers up the ability itself to give a stronger slow. Up to 3 times.

3: Fade Away: Leaps to target location and stealths halfway through the leap. Stealth deactivates if she uses an attack ability or takes damage. 5 second stealth at max level.

4: Dark Portal: Big damage slow cast AoE that silences.

Izanami will be weak in the early game, but have a strong late game. She’ll have a rough time dueling without items on-line. She’s very item dependent as most of her abilities are focused on her auto-attacks.

You can check out the full patch notes here!

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