Throw Trucks with your Mind Enables Basic Match Making

Crooked Tree Entertainment’s upcoming Unreal 3 Psychic fighting game, Throw Trucks with your Mind, is set to enable basic match-making features today. The first game of its kind combining the physics Unreal 3 engine with NeuroSky’s Mindwave physical headset now welcomes player to take their skills to the net to see how they stack up in the ultimate psychic battle.

Throw Trucks Launches Matchmaking

Players will now be able to match up against others from around the world in Squish Match, Capture the Fridge, and King of the Hill. While the game is currently in a soft launch state, this addition was the final feature pending before its launch onto the NeuroSky store, making the game easily available to purchase by anyone already owning the Mindwave headset.

“While our playerbase continues to grow, we’ll be focusing this system on only joining players up in a friendly environment to play the game together,” comments Crooked Tree CEO Lat Ware on the implementation, “Once we acquire more players, our intention is to include match-making filters first by region, then game type, and then by an elo system.”

For more information on Throw Trucks, check out their official page or follow MMOHuts for a First Look on the game later this week.


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