Erebus: Travia Reborn Review – The Forces of EEEVIL Beckons

Erebus: Travia Reborn Review – The Forces of EEEVIL Beckons
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Erebus: Travia Reborn is a free-to-play action-packed MMORPG with a dark feel. Published by Outspark, the game resembles a modern day Diablo with all the familiar elements from the classic. The game is actually more of a re-casting of the first Travia game, this time with more features and add-ons to please both new and long-time players (bet they’re all doing happy backflips by now). The game is more hack n’ slash, but the player population states that a lot of people really love this game. So what makes Erebus different from other hack n’ slash games? Or better yet, what makes Erebus Online stand out as an MMO?


Outdated? Hmmm

Upon logging in, you’ll be prompted to CHOOSE (note: CHOOSE) your character. Unlike other up-to-date MMOs, Erebus Online lacks options that will further define your character. Geez, a hairstyle option would’ve been nice. It’s actually pretty similar to Dekaron/ 2Moons, which relies completely on equipment to make your characters stand out or different. There isn’t even a gender option to at least define characters further. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if we’re playing single-player games like Diablo, but we’re talking about tons of players in a persistent virtual plane. Surely it’s not proper to see your clones scattered across the newbie area.




Other than the lack of character editing and the lack of gender options, the game also lacks classes which by far is the most defining feature in MMORPG character customization. There are four basic classes: the Warrior, a class which pretty much belongs to every MMORPG out there; the Mage, who is the ultimate nuker/ long-ranged damage dealer in the game; the Cleric, who heals and deals damage; and of course, the Archer who specializes in long ranged combat.


Redeeming Quality


The beauty or at least redeeming quality of this shortage in classes is the character’s ability to evolve into one of two-to-three (per class) prestige classes upon reaching a certain level. Warriors for example can turn into Paladins, while Clerics can either follow the path of light to become a healing machine Bishop or tread the dark path to become a Necromancer. The choice is yours, so make sure you choose what complements your play style. 


Grindfest 2010

For a new game, the Erebus still sports the hefty grinding found in old MMOs. I’m not really against grinding, but players will barely feel their characters grow after a level or two. Since you can only get a new skill every four levels, you won’t really feel any difference after leveling up the first three times. There are tons of quests that will aid you in your grind fest, but note that these are mostly grind quests that will order you to kill a load of monsters for extra exp.


Grind Fest 2010 Travia Reborn


Crafting FTW

After playing tons of MMOs, I’d say crafting and upgrading items has become a staple feature for MMO gamers everywhere. The crafting process in this game is relatively easy and quite fun. Since players are given the option to break down items for crafting materials, they can experiment on various formulas until they get their desired or favored weapon. I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way, as these random outcomes tend to be exciting.



The PVP system is quite good in my opinion with the game featuring the traditional guild PVP arenas and one-on-one duels. The most awesome part about this feature is the wagering system in the duel system. Since random duel invites can get annoying, it would be great to at least earn from it once in a while. Winning in Guild PVP also puts the victor in charge of a certain city, allowing them to tweak taxes and such (I love playing tyrant). As far as PVP goes, Erebus’ player vs player feature is one of the most rewarding PVP systems ever.


Graphics and Interface

If you’re looking for awesome graphics, then I suggest you find another MMO. Erebus’s graphics aren’t really that bad, but it does look pretty old. The characters tend to look awful at times, but it’s not like all games sport next-gen graphics, so I guess it’s forgivable. The skills and spell animations were nicely done, there  are enough lighting effects and character movements to animate the given skill. I guess it’s all about presentation. Kudos to the game for making GOOD use of an outdated graphic engine. I guess it can be considered as a plus in some ways, seeing as the game isn’t too demanding and can be run by old units. The interface is rather basic, and is comparable to Ragnarok Online’s super outdated HUD. I’m sure it still functions the way it’s supposed to, but it always helps to let the in-game elements share the overall feel of the game. Just sayin~


Erebus Interface and Graphics


The Verdict

All in all I’d say Travia Online fans will definitely have their hands full with this one. The game isn’t really that bad. I guess it’s just that the features are a bit outdated for a game released in 2010. The graphics are a bit old, but still look good nonetheless. At least no one will have to worry about computer specs when running this game. What really got my attention was the game’s lack of character customization such as the gender option. Like I said it wouldn’t be that much of a problem if we were playing single-player games, but we’re talking about persistent territories. Everyone wants to pretend that he’s a chick (or vice versa). The shortage in classes is also quite troublesome, as not only will you look like everyone else, there’s only a small percentage of you not running into another clone.



-Plain fun

-Makes use of its elements well?-Travia is REBORN

-Good player population

-Rewarding PVP system?-Dungeons



-Lack of classes

-Lack of character customizations


-Outdated graphics

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