Fairy Story Interview: Stepping Into Wonderland

Fairy Story Interview: Stepping Into Wonderland
Questions by: Chen Fo Po (cinderboy), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by: Dreck Zhou, Marketing Director, Ngames


Fairy Story is a new 3D MMORPG, which has just gone into Open Beta in July. Published by the relatively new company, Ngames, this really colorful and interesting game is set to captivate the hearts of many players! What kind of company is Ngames? What features are there in Fairy Story that will make it stand out from the competition? Is there PvP in such an adorable game? Let’s find out.


Fairy Story 


OnRPG: Hello, I am Fo Po (cinderboy) from OnRPG. Can you kindly introduce yourself to the readers?
Hi, I am Dreck Zhou, Marketing Director of Ngames


OnRPG: Ngames is a new company in the Free-to-Play MMO industry. Can you tell us more about your company?
We are dedicated to development, operation, and promotion of online games. With an elite team in the production operation, Based on the brand of Game 321, we will build a large-scale integrated entertainment platform for the ultimate goal of providing users with excellent quality of playing online game, animation, social networking service, etc.


OnRPG: Were there any major difficulties starting out as the new kid on the block?
Of course, at the beginning we have to do our utmost efforts to find out what kind of online games will bring happiness to our dear players. As i mentioned just now it’s our ultimate goal to provide users with excellent quality of playing online game, animation, social networking service, etc.


OnRPG: Why the decision to launch Fairy Story as the company’s maiden title?
Fairy Story has leading characters, luxuriant equipment, romantic game scene, cool pets as well as virtual community. We take the firm position that it will bring a fantasy world to our dear players. Therefore, it’s our right choice.


 Fairy Story
Character screen


OnRPG: Can you briefly describe to the readers the plot of Fairy Story?
The forces of darkness are ready to make trouble and the world is in the danger of destruction. We need to begin the journey of being members of Clover Hunting Group so that we can stop the intrusion of the dark forces to restore justice and color to fairytale kingdom Sunshine City.


OnRPG: What are some of the more unique features Fairy Story brings to the table?
It takes raiding to a new, unexplored level, expertly mixing childhood sweetness with a robust real-time combat system.


OnRPG: Are the any classes for players to choose from?
Yes. There are three categories, namely naughty, brave and sympathy. You can choose one which you like most.


OnRPG: Will experience points be gained mainly through completing quests or from PvE?
It all depends. From level 1 to level 30, you mainly got that by completing quests. From Level 31 to level 40, you can not only gain the experience from completing quests as well as daily event and from level 41 to level 60 mainly through PvE and daily events


Fairy Story
Events in the city


OnRPG: Will players be able to allocate any stats or skill points upon reaching a new level?
Yes , they can allocate all by themselves


OnRPG: Other than open world PvE, are there any instances for players to raid?
Yes, there are 21 raid maps in Fairy Story, such as Bliss Fort and Windbell Basement L2.


OnRPG: Are there any PvP features currently? The game looks too adorable for me to have the ability to do Player-Kill out of nowhere!
We have opened some maps on which players are allowed to do PK. You can take the pets together to combat with each other. Different categories of pets will be the important factor to win the combat. So different classes of the character should choose the most suitable pets to help him win.


OnRPG: Even though the game is new, how is the current endgame like for high level players?
High level players will face more severe challenges to defeat more powerful BOSSes. Players can continue to train themselves to become much stronger. They can either choose to get better items or better pets which are both quite helpful.


Fairy Story
Cute Boss


OnRPG: Let’s talk about guilds. Can you describe to us what some of the benefits are to joining a guild in Fairy Story?
It’s a vast and perfect virtual world, where you can study, make friends, fight for your class, join in marriage system and learn couple skills. And you can keep in touch with your friends, that is, you will fight with your old bosom friends and you can also take adventure in this virtual world with your sweetheart.


OnRPG: What new in-game content can the players be expecting in the near future?
We will bring much more fantasy game setting. Besides, as for our dear players, you can get more gorgeous clothing and weapons, more awesome mounts and Cute pets .What’s more, we will make more vibrant online community for you. We take firm position that in Fairy Story Online, you will definitely enjoy great fun in wonderful experience.


OnRPG: Are there any upcoming events you can share with the readers?
We’ve already organized dozens of activities and have attracted innumerable players to join to our wonderful journey in Fairy Story, And that was not all. we will bring more and more interesting events in near future in which player can get lavish gifts. For example, you can join to get grand in-game packs and even you can win a glistening new iPhone and same kinds of lavish gifts. So pay close attention to us and simple to join to play. There are numerous surprises for you.


OnRPG: Any final words to all potential players reading this interview?
Hope everyone will have a good journey in Fairy Story


OnRPG: Thanks for your time!
You’re welcome and also thanks for your precious time.


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