Faxion Preview Tour – Heaven or Hell? LET’S ROCK!

Faxion Preview Tour – Heaven or Hell? LET’S ROCK!
By Michael Sagoe (mikedot), OnRPG Journalist


UTV True Games is working on an epic new online game that will pit the forces of Heaven and Hell in a war to settle the score once and for all. Faxion is a traditional MMORPG that focuses heavily on combat and will serve up tons of exciting experiences that will prove it’s not just another run of the mill MMO. The game is currently in an alpha testing phase and I got a chance to play first hand.


For starters, players will begin the game by choosing whether to side with Heaven or Hell. It may seem like a tough decision, but both sides are structured very similar to each other.  For this tour, I and several others joined up with the Heaven side to meet up with Ashen Temper, one of the Lead Developers for the game. Once gathered, we set off to see and learn more about world of Faxion.



Faxion Winged Champion Class


Ashen first explained to us about the game’s classes: Available for both heaven and hell are Crusaders/Reavers (warrior types), Diviner/Occultists which are range/DPS dealers and Guardian/Zealots which can heal and buff. While this all sounds like the same old stuff we’ve seen from other MMOs before, Faxion sets itself apart from the pack by introducing a multi-class system.  Basically, you can mix and match skills between the available classes to create a unique class you can call your own.


Want to create a ranged class with tanking abilities? No problem!

…Or how about a warrior that can heal and buff? Go for it!


Although you’re free to tweak your character with tons of different possibilities, the amount of multi-class skills you can earn are balanced out by the amount of skills points needed to unlock them. Gaining skills for your primary class will require the least amount of points, secondary class will have a moderately higher amount needed and your third class will require a ton of points. Plus: You’ll need considerable amounts of gold to gain those skills as well, so you won’t be able to create a character with every skill available.


Next up: We took a quick peak into a wild museum with exhibits on unicorns, creepy goatmen and even a giant wookiee!



After that, we ran off to the marketplace to see what UTV had planned for the game’s F2P aspect. Like with UTV other titles, Faxion will be a free-to-play title with micro-transactions.  Just about everything in Faxion’s game world can be earned from looting or purchased over at market with in-game gold. But what if you’d rather spend less time finding equipment and more time battling others? Well you have the option to purchase special coins with real currency to purchase items from the market as well.



Faxion Free MMO Dark vs Light


This gives you the choice to either enjoy the game with time and/or money spent, and will make sure that Faxion will never have a “pay-to-win” issue. Now this is an excellent decision from UTV that many free-to-play publishers and devs should take note from.


It was then time to get our heavenly hands dirty with a little combat. We strolled along the city looking for some suspicious looking characters and ran into this big ugly shmuck. We tried to take it down, but most of us got taken out pretty fast.  Dying in Faxion (currently) does not have any penalties whatsoever, so it becomes more of a pride and humiliation kind of thing.



Faxion Free MMORPG Spell


The world of Faxion proves to be one that isn’t for the weak, because you’re never too far from a fight around here. This game is completely geared for PvP in just about every way. Sure, there will be a few PvE opportunities here and there, but ultimately, you’re going to have to use your strengths to beat up someone in your opposing faction. For instance, both factions will be batting to control different areas to gain resources and special quests. When areas are controlled by Heaven, the sky will turn bright and blue, while areas controlled by Hell will turn dark and red. If you were on a quest in a particular area and it ends up getting taken over, you’ll be cut off from that quest and would have to fight the opposing faction to get it back.


Now it was time for us to visit one of the many fascinating worlds in Faxion: The realm of the seven deadly sins. Currently, the gluttony area known as “the fields of hunger” was available, but soon there will be a realm for every other sin (can’t wait to see what the lust realm looks like!) The fields of hunger had tons of trees bearing fruit and crops to be harvested. I saw several NPCs slaving over these crops while fat; disgusting dudes were having a feast. From there, the realm of Gluttony kept getting grosser at every turn.


I witness one of the most disgusting things ever in an MMO: This freakishly huge man surrounded by food and covered in slime stood in front of us. There was also tube above him that ran straight to his mouth so he could eat all day. The room he was in was also a huge mess, as there was tons of discarded and half-eaten food everywhere. When we first saw it, I and the others thought: LETS CLIMB MT. FATTY! We started jumping all over it to see if we could reach the top, but sadly, we couldn’t. L



Faxion Free MMORPG


Behind this huge blob of a man, there were hills upon hills of wasted, rotting food. As horrible as that was, Ashen tells us that these huge hills would be great places to jump off and glide to your next destination (if you have a pair of working wings.)



Faxion Free MMORPG


While there was several bugs and issues that occurred the experience, my preview tour of Faxion left me greatly impressed. The whole concept of Heaven vs. Hell is intriguing, and the constant struggle for supremacy will keep the excitement levels high.



Faxion Free MMORPG


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