Final Fantasy XI Updates Notes



Final Fantasy XI Updates Notes
By Mary Garcia (Vil), OnRPG Journalist



A Shantotto Ascension– The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born

Shantotto AscensionWith the latest version update comes the final add-on scenario in the triolgy, “A Shantotto Ascention– The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born”. Fans of the popular character Shantotto will not want to miss out on this adventure filled with mishaps and mayhem– typical of anything involving Doctor Shantotto. For those unfamiliar with the character, this adventure nevertheless brings some great entertainment. The downside, much like the first two add-on scenarios, is the cumbersome fetch quests and traveling. The reward for completing the add-on scenario is an augmentable piece of leg armor. Players may select up to two augments to customize this piece to their liking.


As a bonus for purchasing all three add-on scenarios, players may now obtain a new cape which will teleport them to their party leader’s current position. The cape may be picked up at the same location as the other rewards from the add-on scenarios.


Wings of the Goddess: New Quests

As the chapters of the three nations come close to the end, players are treated to two new quests per nation. Players will be able to assist important characters such as Exenmillie, Lehko Habhoka, and Zeid in major battles that will leave players wondering what will happen next. The reward for completing these new quests is an enchanted staff, which will retrace a player to a nation in the past.



SynergySynergy is a new form of synthesis, with up to six players being able to participate in a single synth. Synergy is independant of any crafting guild and does not require guild tests or points required by the traditional craft guilds. Synergy may be used to craft new and old recipies, and to etch slots onto items for Evolith (see below for more on Evolith). If a recipe fails, ingredients will not be lost.


To participate in Synergy, players must first undertake a quest to recieve a Synergy Crucible, for which will be used to synth. This item provides the “fewell”, or elemental fuel, required to perform synths. After this item is recieved, players must then prepare ingredients for the synth they wish to perform. After materials are gathered, claim to a Synergy Furnace must be made. Furnaces can be found in most nations, including Jeuno. The next step is to deposit the ingredients and operate the furnace. Players will then have a certain amount of time to feed fewell until the required element is achieved. A successfull synth will yield the item, and ponz, which can be redeemed at any synergy engineer.



Evolith is a new system to modify existing gear and add extra little bonuses onto them. Most of the new armor sets added in the most recent updates are capable of taking evolith upgrades as well as the new “aern” weapons. The first step of using evoliths is to aquire one. To do this players must visit a Hunt Registry, red books spread around in every area. From them players can select from different pages of objectives to kill Notorious Monsters for a reward of Scylds. Higher level NM’s require Scylds to be used to select their page. Once players defeat the NM, returning to the Hunt Registry will net some Scylds and an evolith corosponding to that NM.


The next step of the Evolith system is their use. Players must obtain a piece of gear and etch a slot into it to accept an evolith. This is done through Synergy (explained above). As of now there are a very limited number of armors and weapons that can take an evolith enchantment. Once players obtain these armors, the next step is to acquire a bottle of Mordant that corrosponds with the equipment. Mordant may be purchased with Ponz recieved from completing synthesis recipies through Synergy. Once etched, evoliths can be added into the item as long as the elements match and the size is correct. More exact etchings allow larger more powerful evoliths to be added.


Job Adjustments: Summoner, Ranger, & Beastmaster

Wedding SupportSummoners recieve a new ability named “Avatar’s Favor”. Under this job ability, avatars summoned will have their power channeled into a beneficial status for the entire party. When Avatar’s Favor is active, the perpetuation cost is reduced. Each avatar provides its own unique beneficial effect.


Ranger recieves adjustments to existing job abilities. Velocity shot duration has been increased to two hours from its original five minute duration. Unlimited Shot will now stay in effect until a ranger successfully lands a shot on an enemy. Camouflage, when active, will accumulate less emnity per ranged attack, with a chance of the ability to remain in effect after a ranged attack. In addition to these adjustments, ranged attacks in general have also been adjusted. Jobs that utilize ranged attacks will now see up to three different texts detailing the effectiveness of their shots.


A new ability for Beastmaster pets has been added with the latest update. The new command, called “Ready”, will be available after a pet is summoned via the “Call Beast” job ability. Ready will replace Sic while a pet is out. Ready allows a Beastmaster to select specific abilities for a pet to use. To do so, a pet’s TP must be 100% or above, and have enough charges.


Wedding Support Service

Officially launched November 18, 2009, the Wedding Support Service will now provide players with easier access to perform wedding ceremonies. After fulfilling certain conditions, a couple seeking to exchange vows may be issued wedding certificates by NPCs in Chateau d’Oraguille, Bastok Metalworks, and Heaven’s Tower. To enhance the ceremony, players may also purchase wedding related items from treasure caskets next to these same NPCs.


Similar to the Player Event Support Service, custom moogles may be placed in an area of their choice. Players can also set a dialogue and customize their appearance.

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