First Look At Victory: Age Of Racing

First Look At Victory: Age Of Racing

By Nic van ‘t Schip, OnRPG Admin


The OnRPG team had the chance to get an early glimpse at GamersFirst’s Victory: Age of Racing at GDC and we have to say that we were happily surprised by this upcoming Free to Play Racing MMO.

The competitive nature of the game is sure to appeal to racing enthusiast around the world and the unique three tier (Rookie, Semi Pro, Pro) system that increases the reality of the driving physics as you go up the ranks will make sure the game is easy to learn while still being just challenging enough to master!

Due to some brilliant coding the client is very light (weighing in at around 500 megabytes compressed, and 1 Gigabyte installed) and the system specs are nice and low for such a graphically strong game. As the game engine uses shaders exclusively it isn’t slowed down by lots of textures on the cars and you can really tell.


Victory Age of Racing is a new racing MMORPG from GamersFirst!


And if customizing your ride is your thing, this game has your back as well. Where other games will let you use 10 or sometimes even 20 layers to create logos, decals and other designs Victory has opted for a nice round number of layers they allow: infinite. (Yes, infinite)

We’re working closely with GamersFirst on getting some of the OnRPG crew behind the wheel of the game for a more extensive test so check back here in a little while if you’re interested in learning more about Victory!

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