Fly For Fun Gold Review: What Has Changed?

Fly For Fun Gold Review: What has changed?

By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist




Fly For Fun or FlyFF‘s latest Gold update has brought a lot of changes to the game. This update does not include major changes to how the game is played but introduces new tweaks and content. Read on as we delve deeper into the changes brought by this summer’s FlyFF Gold update.



The most obvious change that any former FlyFF player will notice upon playing FlyFF Gold would be the new user interface. Instead of the old and familiar pink interface, players are presented with a completely new and revamped golden user interface. Almost all of the features in the new interface are identical to the previous interface which leaves this new interface featuring information moved around and re-themed.



As with all user interfaces, whether or not the changes are appreciated is up to each individual player. Some may love the changes while others may despise them. I personally favour the classic pink interface due to its simplicity and familiarity. Normally I love seeing change in games as it brings something new to players but I would much rather use the old interface over the new golden interface.


How do you like the new user interface?


The update has also brought many balance changes to existing weapons. Balance changes are always welcome to all games. Moderators over at the official FlyFF forums have compiled a nice image showing all the new stats on weapons as seen here:



To further add onto the weapon system in FlyFF Gold, an equipment fusion system has been introduced. There are two methods available to players looking to combine their weapons.



Firstly, there is the two handed weapon fusion system. For Two 2H-Weapons, the weapon base and weapon slave may be fused to create a fused weapon. There is an approximately 25% chance of success where the fused weapon will be a stronger version of the weapon base with appended awakenings and piercings from the weapon slave. If the fusion is not successful, only the weapon slave will be lost. To use this fusion system, simply visit the Two-Handed Weapon Master NPC in Eastern Flaris.



Secondly, there is the transmutation system which allows players to change the appearance of an item. No stat changes will be made but the primary item can be made to appear like the sacrificial item. Just like the 2H-Weapon fusion system, the fusions can be reverted.



The transmutation system is a great addition to the game as I love seeing new systems being added to games that are not present in many other games. Innovation is always welcome and required in order for the MMO market to continue evolving.



If you care about your character’s appearance then the Exotic Equipment introduced in FlyFF Gold will be of interest to you. Bosses will be dropping these items that are solely to be used for cosmetic purposes as they are equipped into regular equipment slots and not over your equipment into the fashion slot. Additionally, these exotic items only offer 1 DEF.


Exotic Items

For the higher level players in FlyFF, an additional premium EXP area has been added into the game which can be accessed the same way as one would access Azria. For players unfamiliar with FlyFF’s cash shop, players must purchase a ticket directly from the cash shop or off another player to be able to access this new area which goes by the name Dark Traseia.



This new island is the home of enemies ranging from level 129 to 149 with an additional boss being level 150. As with all premium EXP areas, the exp is quite nice from these monsters. While the monsters may not be very strong they do possess the maximum block rating.



Being a free to play MMORPG, incentive to use the cash shop is needed in order for this game to continue living on. In FlyFF Gold the Eldin’s Jar has been added to the cash shop to help players manage their consumables.



This jar, with the use of Eldin’s Magical Scissors, allows players to store up to one million points of HP in consumables inside one Eldin’s Jar. Upon use, the jar will fully restore the player’s HP while only using the required amount of stored HP. Be sure to make full use of your purchase as the jar will expire after seven days.



The feature I was most looking forward to due to past experiences in FlyFF was the new Consignment Shop. This is just like any auction house in other MMOs allowing players to buy and sell their items in a simple and organized fashion.


Market littered with player shops

The Consignment Shop features a decent and passable user interface with all the basic features required to have a pleasant shopping experience. From my use it has been buggy and irresponsive at times but I am willing to overlook these issues as they will most likely be fixed in the future and it does work after multiple attempts.



The main problem with the new Consignment Shop is the lack of items on the market. For whatever reason, GPotato has decided to release the Consignment Shop which aims to balance the economy and provide an easy shopping experience but still allows players to set up player shops.



I have always hated these player shops as it is very annoying and tedious to run around the market searching each individual shop for any items of interest when a simple search on the consignment shop can do the same job. Thankfully these player shops are now restricted to only a designated area in the Madrigal Marketplace which helps to somewhat organize the clutter.



Players feel no need to use the Consignment Shop due to its measly limit of three simultaneous auctions per player unless a cash shop permit is bought. Why would you want to spend money to sell items when you can setup a player shop allowing for a maximum of twenty item sales at a time for free?


No one uses the consignment shop…

The state of the economy has always been my biggest complaint when it comes to FlyFF. Over the years there has been massive inflation and nothing seems to be done to fix this. Money is only put into the economy but there needs to be a system such as taxing to take some out of the economy. Premium players can easily make billions of Penya in game by taking out their wallet and not spending a lot of cash.



While the game play has not changed too much with the FlyFF Gold patch, a lot of welcome additions have been added. My only complaint to GPotato would be the decision to still allow player shops to be setup even when the consignment shop has been added into the game. It is really sad seeing only around 400 items being listed in the consignment shop.

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  • Mooch

    I used to love playing flyff. The biggest problem I had was the inflation. The prices were too high on any shops to buy anything to help you continue the game. Now I play on private servers due to this reason. Yes, there should be incentives to use real money, but if it gets too large of a gap, it kills the incentive to have other people interested in the game to begin with. They only update things that are helpful for the older money using people, and not those who are noobies just trying out the game. That’s is a no go for me.

  • Brandon

    When starting a new character with no money, upon reaching level 45 (~2 months of playing on and off) I was rich. I didn’t spend a cent of real money, instead I sold event items and dungeon drops to make a baseline, after that, all you have to do is play as a merchant a bit. Buying underpriced items from player shops, then reselling them at a common price for a profit. As long as you have a basic understanding of FlyFF’s economy and the general pricing of gpot items, you can become rich rather easily without spending a cent in real life.