Gods War Online Interview: OnRPG Questions Answered

Questions by the Onrpg Community
Answered by Shirley Yu, Product Manager of GodsWar Online

During June and July members of the Onrpg forum had the great opportunity to ask questions about Gods War Online directly to the developers at IGG. Find out the answers!

Onrpg: what are they planning to add in
the game in the future?
I’d like to say we have made a tremendous effort to provide gamers with high-quality content. With a few new feature improvements on the way, we will be updating the Pet System and the Holy Suit system, plus hosting many new in-game events. We have released a special Dev Diary talking about the unique Pet System two months ago. And I expect the Holy Suit system to be one of our main attractions. There are three types of Holy Suits: bronze, silver, and gold. With bronze ware, silver ware, and gold ware, players can transform their equipment into the corresponding suits. Using Holy Boxes, players can transfer EXP into their Holy Suits to strengthen them. Adding EXP allows suits to upgrade from bronze to silver and from silver to gold.

Onrpg: What gameplay features will be provided to the game in order to give players an overall better experience?
Well, GodsWar Online is a leisure game and we are trying to make the gaming experience a social one. Aside from guild quests and apprenticeships, we are considering other themes such as marriages between players to make the game more interactive. We will also be introducing new maps, events, pets, fashions, and much more.

Onrpg: How did you come to the idea of basing your first IGG developed MMORPG on greek mythology?
^-^ Great question!  When we first started the design process, we wanted the game to be rich in content. We chose Greek mythology as our background theme because of its popularity and familiarity to people all over the world. Who wouldn’t find such epic content fascinating?

With that decided, we incorporated ideas from the works of Homer, Hesiod, and Ovid, and the plays of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides that dealt with Greek mythology. It was a difficult process, but in the end, we were satisfied with the ideas we came up with for creating heroes who could interact with Greek gods and goddesses. It’s both fun and somewhat educational, whether players know the myths already, are curious to find out more, or simply want a cool backdrop that’s not your typical sword-and-sorcery fantasy land.

Onrpg: Do you plan on changing the “AFK” feature? In my opinion it ruins the fun, since you can just AFK while you level up.
I don’t really think so  We incorporated AFK  as an option so players can make temporary use of the feature and avoid having to log out for every little distraction. We certainly don’t support players who abuse the feature, and we will continue to restrict its use in more events so it doesn’t take the fun out of other players’ experiences. For the most part, our players find this option helpful. Below are some forum examples of what our players have said about it. Maybe you could find more there.

excidium666: I have been playing for just under a week, I found it really fun, I found there is more to do. plus its exciting and different, I love the AFK and held in town in the Evil Boggyman…

ledhed: at low lvls its a great help, at higher lvls its a help as long and you use it as auto attack — and stay at keyboard — or you miss all the good loot and or — get killed by factions.

Deatho0ne: (1) Auto targeting (there might be another way I just have not found it yet) (2) The ability to do other things while in the area is nice, while I am here and have other things to do like school work, cooking, eating, and others.

Onrpg: Why did you decide to create (only) four ”classes” with two of them being melee and two of them being magic?
It’s because we don’t want to devote too much of our energy into developing more character classes. Rather, we want to do more with character development. The warriors are good overall with offense and defense. The champions are full-spirited, all-out attackers. The mages are superior in their magic attacks. The priests are considered to be the kindest, because their strength lies in their ability to heal the wounded. Even though there seems to be a division with melee and magic, we portray these classes to be unique in their own ways, and our players can choose the classes that are the best fit for their playing style.

Onrpg: Why is the
AFK  feature there unless for better leveling?
Well, as I mentioned earlier, the AFK feature is an option for players who choose to multitask. Another way of looking at this is it serves as a shortcut for players who are more interested in uncovering the storyline.

Onrpg: Why isn’t it called God’s War?
We chose the name GodsWar Online because it sets our game apart and has a good ring to it.  We take great pride in the work we’ve done and wanted a unique name that tells the gaming community it is not just any god’s war but IGG’s GodsWar.

Onrpg: I am wondering when the pet feature will be activated.
You’re blessed with good luck. Since we just updated our game with version 237 and everyone will be able to check out our new pet system. We are adding new features such as soul contracts for pets, pet mergers, combining, and more. We published a entry of Developer Journal not long ago that tells players all about it.

Some great new pets:

Gods War Online Panda Pet

GodsWar Online Pixie Pet

Onrpg: What makes you play it?
I  think you ask the easiest question today. GodsWar Online, in my opinion, is easy to play and rich in content. The level of involvement is entirely up to the players, though we do a lot to encourage their participation. We have tried many new things with this game. Aside from the unique systems I have covered, GodsWar has incorporated an uplifting theme in terms of surrounding graphics and background music. And best of all, it’s free. I can’t think of a reason not to try it.

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